Water Filter Reviews
and Recommendations
by Nancy Hearn

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Many years ago, I checked out a number of water filter reviews online when I was researching water filtration for personal and office use.

I found myself overwhelmed with information—so much so, that I would get frustrated and just stop looking. Thus, my intent with WaterBenefitsHealth.com is to keep things simple.

We want to help you save valuable time and money and make the buying decision easier for you by providing credible but condensed information.

Over the years, I have tried drinking water from a number of different water filter systems and water purification methods.

Our web team has consulted with other health practitioners, and we have scoured the web for professional reviews, customer feedback and buyer ratings. And we are continually researching and trying new water filter systems.

In these reviews, you will find water filters from some of the leading manufacturers, including Aquasana, Pelican, Berkey, Crystal Quest, Watts, Culligan, Pur, Katadyn, and others.

We have selected and confidently recommend 2 to 5 different systems in each water filter type.

We also encourage you to find out what contaminants are in your local water before reviewing water filters. This is optional but highly recommended.

You have the right to ask your water utility company for a copy of your annual or quarterly water quality report.

Or you can click here to find out if the annual water quality report for your local area is posted online at the EPA site.

Or you can purchase a drinking water test kit and get a more comprehensive and accurate result for the water quality in your home residence.

Knowing for sure what contaminants are in your local water will make the water filter selection process much easier.

Water Filter Reviews by Filter Type

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Whole House Water Filter - Reviews and Recommendations

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Countertop Tap Water Filter - Reviews and Recommendations

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Water Filter Pitcher - Reviews and Recommendations

Shower Filter Reviews and Recommendations

Portable Water Purifier Reviews and Recommendations

HydroPack Filter - A Good Solution for Emergency Water Filtration

Water Filter vs Water Purification Systems

You will find that all of our top recommendations for water filter systems use filtration methods such as activated carbon, kinetic degradation fluxion (KDF), adsorption and particulate filtration. 

Water systems that use these types of filtration media and more than one stage of filtration will remove the most contaminants while leaving in the natural occurring minerals in the water. 

Filtered, mineral-rich water is much healthier to drink than demineralized purified water.

Water purification systems, such as reverse osmosis (R.O.) and distillation, do remove many contaminants from water (including fluoride) but they do not remove all harmful contaminants, such as chlorine and chloramines, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), pharmaceuticals, and many others that are removed through a high-quality filtration system.

In addition, water pufiication systems (R.O. and distillation) also remove the minerals from water. Drinking demineralized water is not the healthiest option for long-term use, according to many health advocates as well as a study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO). You can read more about this study below.

Other types of water purification technologies, such as ozone and ultraviolet, are not effective enough to be used alone. However, they are beneficial when used in conjunction with other water filtration methods, such as with carbon block and KDF media.

To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of drinking water, you can check out:

Filtered Drinking Water: 4 Important Benefits

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Drinking Distilled Water: Is It Healthy or Not?

Alkaline Water Ionizer and Filter Systems

Alkaline, water ionizers are in a category by themselves because they not only offer good filtration, but they also produce drinking water that has four unique properties beneficial for health. 

Potential health benefits include superior hydration, increased alkalinity, high levels of antioxidant potency, and body cleansing.

Alkaline water ionizers are installed at a sink, either as a countertop or under sink model, rather than as a whole house system. 

In addition to the drinking water benefits, these systems produce 5 different types of water that have a range of pH from very acidic water (for antibacterial and antiseptic uses) to very alkaline (highly effective, for removing oil-based pesticides and other chemicals from non-organic fruits and vegetables). These are just a few of the many uses of these pH waters. 

Water ionizers will also produce a “beauty water” (slightly acidic pH) which is an excellent toner for skin and can also be sprayed on hair to balance the pH. 

These water ionizer systems are more expensive than regular filtration systems, but they are the best option people who want the ultimate health benefits of drinking water.

We have owned a top-of-the-line, alkaline water ionizer since 2008, and the cost was well worth the investment for our family.

Note: Beware of the many cheaper imitations on the market. They don’t produce the same quality of water and the machines do not last.

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