Best Fluoride Water Filter

by Susan

Question: Hi Nancy, what filter would you recommend for taking out fluoride and radiation as well as all the other bad stuff, without taking out the minerals?

WBH response: In general, the best type of water filter for drinking water is either a counter top or under sink filter (with multi levels of filtration media) rather than a pitcher, faucet-mounted filter, or whole house filter.

I find that most people think whole-house filters are the best choice for drinking water, but you can actually get better filtration with counter top and under sink systems if clean drinking water is your primary concern.

In general, the more levels of filtration media that a system has, the better the filtration (without removing minerals).

There are 4 filtration types that effectively remove fluoride (1) distillation, (2) reverse osmosis, (3) bone char carbon, or (4) activated alumina.

In general, I do not recommend drinking distilled or reverse osmosis water for ongoing use because these waters are de-mineralized.

However, some companies are now providing re-mineralization cartridges to their reverse osmosis systems, making these systems a good option, because I believe reverse osmosis is the most effective for removing fluoride, per specific certification reports.

The two reverse osmosis drinking water systems with re-mineralization that I recommend are:

Aquasana RO under sink fluoride filter plus re-mineralization

Pelican RO under sink fluoride filter plus re-mineralization

Multi-stage filtration systems (which are not RO) are effective for removing a broad range of contaminants from municipal water, but they do NOT remove fluoride unless they have a specific cartridge for fluoride removal.

In order to remove fluoride, the multi-stage activated carbon/KDF systems must also include either a bone char carbon or activated alumina (or synthetic aluminum oxide) in a separate cartridge designated for the removal of fluoride. Note: this media will also remove other harmful contaminants including lead and arsenic.

Crystal Quest offers a few multi-stage fluoride filtration systems for drinking water:

Crystal Quest countertop fluoride filter

Crystal Quest under sink fluoride filter

It really helps to know what is in your local water before choosing a water filter. If you don’t know, it would be worth finding out by contacting your local water treatment facility or getting a copy of the annual water quality report for your area.

You can read more here on What Is In Tap Water?

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