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Best Drinking Water: 5 Key Qualities for Optimal Health and Hydration

The best drinking water that promotes health has six qualities that are best obtained from a home water filtration system.

Continue reading "Best Drinking Water: 5 Key Qualities for Optimal Health and Hydration"

Benefits of Marine Collagen for Aging Skin

Benefits of marine collagen for aging skin include delayed skin aging and improved skin elasticity.

Continue reading "Benefits of Marine Collagen for Aging Skin"

Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Effective natural remedies for acid reflux include drinking enough water, eating small meals, avoiding triggers, and taking natural supplements.

Continue reading "Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux"

Symptoms of Tension Headaches

Common symptoms of tension headaches include muscle contraction, bilateral pain, dull pain, and difficulty sleeping.

Continue reading "Symptoms of Tension Headaches"

Symptoms of Colon Cancer - What They Are and How to Prevent

Learn the common symptoms of colon cancer and how to prevent them.

Continue reading "Symptoms of Colon Cancer - What They Are and How to Prevent"

Dehydration and Anxiety

Dehydration and anxiety are linked. Dehydration can trigger anxiety and nervousness and lead to other mood disorders.

Continue reading "Dehydration and Anxiety"

Harvesting Water from Air

Harvesting water from air can be done using an atmospheric water generator.

Continue reading "Harvesting Water from Air"

6 Natural Remedies for Dog Anxiety

A few natural remedies for dog anxiety that have proven effective over time.

Continue reading "6 Natural Remedies for Dog Anxiety"

Natural Solutions for Allergies

Natural solutions for allergies include proper hydration, an anti-inflammatory diet, as well as supplements.

Continue reading "Natural Solutions for Allergies"

Lead in Drinking Water - Health Effects and Solutions for Removal

Health issues linked to lead in drinking water can be serious for both children and adults.

Continue reading "Lead in Drinking Water - Health Effects and Solutions for Removal"

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