Countertop Tap Water Filter
Reviews and Recommendations
by Nancy Hearn, CNC

Aquasana countertop filterAquasana countertop filter

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A countertop tap water filter is one of the most popular and most effective water filter systems for clean drinking water.

Countertop water filters can remove many harmful contaminants in water, depending on the filtration methods used. The most effective countertop filters utilize more than one filtration method.

The filters I recommend employ selective filtration, meaning they remove water contaminants without filtering out the naturally occurring minerals in water that are beneficial to the body.

Advantages of a Countertop Water Filter

  • The higher-quality filters use a combination of filtration methods, which produces the cleanest and healthiest drinking water
  • Many have additional pre-filters that can be purchased as needed to filter your source water of specific contaminants such as fluoride or arsenic
  • They filter large amounts of water quickly and easily
  • They are easy to install (no plumber required)
  • They are easy to use
  • Less likely to clog than pitchers, dispensers, and faucet filters

Disadvantages of a Countertop Water Filter

  • They don’t always fit tight with certain faucets (especially older ones). However, a trip to the hardware store for some inexpensive plumbers tape or fittings is usually sufficient
  • They take up kitchen counter space and some people don’t like the way they look (especially in high-end kitchens). However, many brands now carry stainless steel or platinum finish models that are designer friendly.

Top 3 Picks for Countertop Water Filters

Even though there are many good brands to choose from, the following are my top 4 picks for tap water filters.

Each offers varying degrees of filtration of unhealthy contaminants in water while leaving essential minerals in the water for optimal health benefits.

Aquasana and Crystal Quest offer high-quality countertop systems ranging in price from about $80 to $400.

AlkaViva countertop systems are water filtration systems that use electrolysis to ionize and alkalize drinking water, offering the additional health benefits of molecular hydrogen. The technology of these systems also bring a higher price point, ranging from about $1,500 to $4,000.

Aquasana Countertop Water Filter

Aquasana offers one countertop model, the AQ-4000, which is the top rated water filter system in America. It is also rated best buy for performance and value by Consumer Digest for several years and winner of Health Magazine’s “healthiest product” award for 2010. This water filter is a great value for the price!

Crystal Quest Countertop Water Filters

Crystal Quest offers several countertop multi-stage water filters to choose from, including specialty water filters for specific contaminants in your tap water. Good customer service and 30+ years of manufacturing expertise. Also a great value for the price.

AlkaViva Countertop UltraWater® Ionizers

AlkaViva offers exceptional multi-stage countertop water filters that also ionize the water. The additional benefits of high-quality water ionization include the properties of micro-clustering (which provides superior cellular hydration), alkalinity, and anti-oxidant potency. Proven technology, performance and durability from one of the world’s leading ionizer manufacturers.

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