KDF Water Filter
Benefits and Uses
by Nancy Hearn, CNC

sprite shower filterA Sprite shower filter uses KDF and mineral salt combination

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A KDF water filter uses an oxidation/reduction process (redox) to effectively remove chlorine, lead, mercury, iron and hydrogen sulfide from water. 

KDF stands for Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, a formulation of high-purity copper-zinc. Simply put, the KDF media works by exchanging electrons with contaminants.

During the redox process, the exchange of electrons between molecules converts many contaminants into harmless substances. For example, free chlorine is changed into water-soluble chloride, which is benign.

In a similar way, heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and copper react and then bond to the surface of the KDF medium and are removed from the water supply.

KDF Applications

KDF filtration media is used in a variety of water filtration applications, including pre-treatment, main treatment, and industrial use.

A KDF water filter is most effective when combined with other filtration media, such as Activated Carbon, to provide comprehensive contaminant removal.

KDF filters improve the performance, reduce the maintenance, and extend the life of most carbon-based systems. They are also relative low-cost compared to other media.

Contaminants Removed or Reduced

A KDF water filter will either remove or significantly reduce chlorine, mercury, lead, copper, chromium, nickel, magnesium, iron, hydrogen sulfide and other dissolved metals. 

 In addition, the KDF media inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, and algae.

The KDF media creates an environment that kills certain microorganisms and makes it difficult for others to function.  

Thus, KDF completely eliminates some microorganisms and reduces a wide variety of others.

Water Filter Systems that Use KDF

Most of the water filtration systems that I recommend include KDF media.  It just depends on the type of water filter system you need—drinking water, bathing and showering, or whole house.

Most of the counter top and under sink drinking water filters we recommend use KDF media as part of a multi-stage filtration.

Some of the bath and shower filters also contain KDF media.  KDF can withstand the higher temperatures and flow rate of showers and are effective at removing free chlorine.

Many of the multi-stage whole house water filters we recommend also contain KDF media for all the reasons mentioned above—better performance and longer life of the system.

KDF vs Activated Carbon

  • KDF media eliminates mainly inorganic contaminants; Activated Carbon eliminates organic substances.
  • KDF uses oxidation/reduction process (redox); Activated Carbon uses adsorption.
  • KDF controls both bacteria and algae; Activated Carbon allows growth of microorganisms.
  • KDF media lasts several years; Activated Carbon lasts 6-12 month. Using KDF with Activated Carbon will allow the carbon based system to last much longer.  

The bottom line is that these two media are complementary.  I don’t recommend one over the other because both are needed for removal of both organic and inorganic contaminants. 


KDFFT.com: KDF Water Filter Media for Primary Water Treatment and Industrial Treatment Processes

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