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Faucet water filters are a step-up from the water filter pitcher in terms of how many contaminants they filter. The most effective faucet filters use a multi-stage filtration method.

The biggest challenge is finding one that fits snug on your faucet and does not leak.

However, since they are so inexpensive, many customers have been willing to try different filters to find the “perfect one.” The faucet filter is the most economical choice of tap water filters that selectively filter contaminants, without removing healthy minerals.

Advantages of Faucet Water Filters

  • They are more convenient than water pitcher filters.
  • Most faucet filters have a valve that allows you to switch back and forth between filtered and unfiltered tap water.
  • They are very easy to install and most require no tools; they simply click onto the faucet.
  • Filtered water is made much faster than water filter pitchers.
  • The higher-quality faucet filters use multi-stage filters that remove many water contaminants.
  • These filters improve water taste and reduce odors.
  • They have very little, if any, water waste.

Disadvantages of Faucet Water Filters

  • We found the biggest consumer complaint about these types of filters is that they tend to leak. (Tip: Applying inexpensive plumbers’ tape to the faucet before attaching the filter should provide a tighter seal and may prevent leaking.)
  • Filters need to be changed fairly frequently, about every 3 months or so. However, the filter replacements are fairly inexpensive ($10-$15)
  • Consumer reviews have also reported some issues with faucet filters clogging or breaking.
  • Some models tend to slow the flow of water. In general, the flow rate is slower than with countertop models.
  • These filters cannot be used with all types of faucets so be sure to check the specifications before buying.

Our Top 2 Picks for Faucet Filters

The top brands to choose from in this category include Culligan and PUR. Each offers varying degrees of filtration of unhealthy contaminants while leaving essential minerals in the water.

PUR's faucet filter offers the best filtration for this type of water filter, but the Culligan brand has higher customer ratings for ease of use and less leakage and breakage.

If I were to choose this type of water filter, I think I would choose Culligan, mainly because it does provide adequate filtration and I couldn't stand the leakage and more frequent breakage as noted in the PUR online reviews (that is, if we can even trust the reviews are real).

These companies offer high-quality faucet water filters ranging in price from about $20 to $40.

Culligan Faucet Water Filter

Culligan’s best faucet filter is WQA-certified to reduce chlorine, other bad tastes and odor, lead, lindane and atrazine, light sediment and particulate class 1. It also has the highest ratings (by far) for faucet filters on Amazon.com for customer satisfaction and does not have as many problems with leakage as other faucet filters.

PUR Faucet Water Filter

PUR’s three-stage faucet water filter is NSF-certified to filter up to 30 contaminants, including up to 99 percent of chlorine, heavy metals, industrial pollutants, pharmaceuticals, and microbial cysts, like cryptosporidium and giardia. It was rated best buy in 2010 by ConsumerSearch.com. This filter is a good value for the price.

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