Commercial Water Filter Systems
Reviews and Recommendations
by Nancy Hearn, CNC

drinking water in hospitalHospitals need contaminant-free water for many purposes.

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Commercial water filter systems are ideal for removing numerous water contaminants on a large scale.

This includes places such as large residential homes (over 4,000 sq. ft), businesses, restaurants, hospitals, schools, manufacturing and agriculture facilities, retail facilities, and apartment buildings, just to name a few.

When to Use Commercial Water Systems

In general, if you need to filter over 12 or more gallons per minute or if an incoming water line is 1.5” in diameter or larger, you could need a commercial water filter system.

Commercial water filters are ideal for removing a high degree of contaminants on a large scale.

For any type of private residence or even business facility that is less than 4,000 sq ft or does not require excessive water use (per info above), a residential whole house water filtration system might suffice.  

If the main objective is clean drinking water, smaller businesses and facilities could choose to install drinking water filter systems at the main sink faucets or point of use.

Another possible option for smaller commercial facilities is Bottleless Water Coolers.

However, filtering water at the point of entry to the entire facility (by way of a commercial water filter system or a large whole house system) is going to require much less maintenance than drinking water filters and water coolers.

Types of Commercial Water Filter Systems

In some manufacturing facilities and hospitals, commercial systems are needed to provide the highest level of deionized water (also known as “DI water” or “demineralized water.”) Deionization means the removal of ions, which are electrically charged molecules found in water that have a positive charge.

In some processes when water is used as a rinse or ingredient, these ions are considered impurities and must be removed from water. Reverse osmosis commercial systems are usually recommended for these applications.

In most other situations, we highly recommend water filtration systems that do NOT remove the natural occurring minerals in water, only the contaminants.

Read more on the potential health risks associated with drinking demineralized water on a long-term basis. 

Commercial Water Systems Reviews and Recommendations

Our highest recommended company for commercial water filtration is Crystal Quest—a progressive company with 30 years of experience in researching and manufacturing all types of commercial water-filtration products worldwide.

We highly recommend this company because they provide cost-effective and reliable high-quality, water-filtration products and services.

Crystal Quest offers customized options for various commercial uses, including the following:

Food and Beverage Production

Industrial for Service Industries

Large Multi-Residential

Mining, Gas and Oil

Plants and Manufacturing

Agriculture and Farming

Hospital, Medical and Lab

School and University Campuses

Government and Municipal Water Facilities

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