Alkaline Water Ionizer
Reviews and Recommendations
by Nancy Hearn, CNC

Vesta ionizerAlkaViva Vesta H2 - Top of the Line

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Alkaline water ionizers are water filter systems that not only remove many unhealthy contaminants from tap or well water, but the ionized water also provides additional health benefits.

Water ionizers sit on the countertop and attach to a faucet or they can be installed under the sink. Most ionizers are electric; however, AlkaViva also has a non-electric model that runs on batteries.

The alkaline water ionizers we recommend produce therapeutic-grade ionized drinking water.

Each of our recommended ionizers are manufactured by companies that have a long-standing reputation for quality and service, as well as exceptional customer feedback. These ionizers are registered as medical devices in Japan.

Advantages of an Alkaline Water Ionizer

  • A home water ionizer produces water from your tap that provides 3 additional health benefits: (1) superior hydration, (2) higher alkalinity (7.0 pH to 9.5 pH) and (3) antioxidant potency (as the ionized water contains active hydrogen ions).
  • In addition to the 7.0 pH to 9.5 pH drinking waters, some water ionizers also produce strong alkaline and strong acidic waters that have many other purposes. For example, the slightly acidic water is a great toner for skin and hair and for watering plants. The strong alkaline water (11.0 pH) can be used for soaking produce to remove oil-based chemicals such as pesticides. And the strong acidic water (2.5 pH) can be used as a household cleaning disinfectant or as an antiseptic for cuts and scrapes.
  • Water ionizers are easy to use. With the push of a button, you can choose the type of water you want.
  • Some water ionizers provide the same degree of filtration as the best counter top and under sink water filter systems. They filter and ionize large amounts of water quickly and easily.

Disadvantages of an Alkaline Water Ionizer

  • Water ionizers are more expensive than most counter top and under sink water ionizers. The higher price primarily comes from the cost of the electrode plates and electrical technology required to ionize water. They range in price from $399 (non-electric) to $4,980 (electric).
  • Water ionizers require minerals in water. In most cases, they do not work with a reverse osmosis whole-house system unless the system has a re-mineralization feature. 
  • Some water ionizers (but not all) require the use of a cleaning cartridge once a month in order to keep the electrode plates free of mineral buildup. 

Our Top Picks for Water Ionizers

I purchased a water ionizer for our home in 2008, when there were just a few brands available in the U.S. 

Since my initial purchase, numerous companies have jumped on the water ionizer bandwagon—many of which do not provide the same level of water quality and machine durability. 

However, a few companies have actually improved certain features, especially in regards to the degree of filtration. At this time, the following brand is our top recommendation.

AlkaViva Water Ionizers

AlkaViva water ionizers are our top pick at this time for 5 reasons: (1) manufacturing quality and machine durability, (2) the best water filtration available for any water ionizer, (3) the best prices for comparable ionizers, (4) the ease of use, and (5) financing options.

The manufacturer for AlkaViva ionizers is Emco Tech, a highly reputable long-standing company. AlkaViva is a 15+ year old business with an A+ BBB rating.

The AlkaViva water ionizers are easy to install, they have an effective self-cleaning technology, and they do not require manual cleaning.

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