Best Non-Electric Water Ionizer
by Nancy Hearn, CNC

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The best non-electric water ionizers that I have found are the elita series countertop and under sink water ionizers manufactured by Alkaviva.

The water ionizer industry has shifted to not only include the benefits of alkalinity (pH) as well as ionization (-ORP), but the most significant benefits now include molecular hydrogen (H2).

The water ionizer cell has two components: electrodes and ion exchange membranes.

What makes the Alkaviva ionizers unique is that their specific H2Infusion technology is based on the efficiency of their ion-exchange membranes in addition to the standard electrodes.

One of the main advantages of all of the Alkaviva water ionizers, both electric and non-electric, are the superior filtration media and processes that their products have. In addition, they use the latest and most efficient technology for ionization.

Alkaviva has both an undersink and countertop non-electric water ionizer, both of which produce water that is well filtered of contaminants as well as the additional benefits of ionization.

People have asked me if the non-electric water ionizers are as good as the electric water ionizers.

In general, I would say that the electric water ionizers are going to produce a much more consistent and higher level of ionization than the non-electric ones. However, you will still get the benefits of water filtration, ionization, and molecular hydrogen with the non-electric models.

Elita US-700 Undersink Non-Electric Water Ionizer

The new elita US-700 undersink water ionizer produces drinking water that tastes good, is filtered of hundreds of water contaminants, and it includes all of the additional benefits of alkaline, ionized water.

It is designed with a pressure-rated housing for undersink application. This water ionizer offers the best flow rate in its class at approximately 1-1.5 GPM, depending on your water pressure.

It also includes a digital filter-life indicator that will remind you when to replace your expired filter.

Elita Pure Countertop Non-Electric Water Ionizer

The countertop version of the elita series ionizers has a compact elegant German design.

As with the undersink non-electric water ionizer, this ionizer uses the Ultra Water filtration technology, as well as all of the additional benefits of alkaline, H2-infused water.

Another obvious benefit of the countertop non-electric water ionizer is its portability. It can easily be transported when traveling.

The benefits of true alkaline ionized water are backed by over 1,000-peer reviewed studies that have shown that molecular hydrogen benefits every organ in the body, as well as many health conditions.

Th H2 in ionized water specifically target free radicals that are damaging to our cells and organs.

Many people also notice improved hydration as well as increased energy and brain function. For this reason, many elite athletes as well as everyday exercisers have noticed a difference in their performance and ability to exercise longer.

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