How Much Water and Allergies

by Kathy

Question: Hello Nancy, First time visiting your site. Signed up to receive emails.

My question is - How many ounces at a time can the body actually absorb?

Your article said 12 to 16 ounces. I had read from only one other site (difficult information to find anywhere) that the body can only hold 4 ounces at a time (hydrate - in the body). Any amount over that triggers the bladder reflex - that the water actually heads out of the body without fully hydrating. It works for me. My dry body, intestines have become more moist.

Thank you for the info about allergies. I had hayfever my entire life. I was also a “dry” person. However, it was suggested to me to sto! all gluten during the hayfever season. I did and 5 days later! my hayfever stopped.

I could drive 6o mph through ragweed and flower fields and not one flutter, itch, or sneeze. What I didn't realize is that I had to stop gluten for the rest of the year, not just 6 weeks in the fall.

The water thing might have helped if I had known about it then (1983), but the wheat and dairy did the trick. My immune system just doesn't handle gluten. Also made my spacey.

So, back to my question, How many ounces would you slug down at once before the bladder reflex is triggered. With 12 to 16 ounces I hit the bathroom - so I think it just passes through.

I am looking for a good counter top filter, by the way. Wish I could afford one of those good 'Micro' water filters. Kath

WBH Answer: Kath, Thank you for visiting my site!

To answer your question, I agree that drinking 4 to 6 ounces at a time is the optimal way to hydrate your body. But I also think it depends a lot on how hydrated (or dehydrated) your body is and also your size (weight and height).

In general, the more hydrated you are and the bigger you are, the more water your body can utilize.

When it comes to dehydration, I like to use the analogy of pouring water on desert ground, where the dirt is hard packed, dry and cracked.

How much water is going to absorb into the dirt when you first start pouring?

Very little; it will just run off. But if you keep pouring water, eventually the water will start to absorb into the cracks and moisten the soil. I believe your body tissues are similar. The more hydrated they are, the more water they will absorb over time.

So, I think it is true that if you are well hydrated, it is possible to drink up to 12 to 16 ounces at a time (depending on your body size) and be able to absorb it.

However, the type of water you drink also makes a difference. I know this from personal experience. I was drinking a lot of water (reverse osmosis) at one point and, for whatever reason, my body just did not seem to be able to absorb the water. I continued to have dehydration symptoms – dry skin, dry mouth, headaches, and so forth.

It wasn’t until I started drinking micro-clustered water (ionized alkaline water) that I started to see noticeable changes in my skin and almost complete reduction in allergy symptoms.

All of the countertop systems I have reviewed on this page are high quality if you want to check them out.

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