Ionized Alkaline Water
4 Major Health Benefits
by Nancy Hearn

glacial melt waterGlacial melt

Ionized alkaline water is a healthy drinking water that contains many of the anti-aging properties of glacial melt water.

Some of the healthiest, longest living people in the world (such as the Hunzas) drink glacial melt water. Unfortunately, most of us do not have access to glacial melt water.

The next best thing to glacial melt water is ionized water, thanks to modern technology.

This type of water is produced by a water system that not only filters the water but also uses the process of electrolysis to ionize the water, giving it added benefits.

Many people in the U.S. are unfamiliar with this type of drinking water, but it's not a new technology. In fact, it has been used in over 100 hospitals and medical clinics in Japan for over 35 years and is well known for its proven health benefits.

This type of water is also available to consumers in the U.S. and throughout the world by way of a home water ionizer system.

4 Major Health Benefits

Ionized water is similar in structure and quality to clean glacial melt water, which is considered by many water experts, such Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, to be the best drinking water available.

Even though there are numerous benefits of drinking ionized water, I believe the four most important include the following:

  1. Neutralize free radicals. An abundance of free radicals in the body can cause cellular damage, chronic inflammation, and oxidation (i.e., accelerated aging). Fresh ionized water has a negative oxidation reduction potential (- ORP) which makes it a strong antioxidant that can help neutralize free radicals in the body and excrete toxins.
  2. Alkalize the body. Most people in our culture tend to be highly acidic, primarily from stress, poor diet, inactivity, and various other factors. According to many experts, acidosis is one of the primary underlying causes of disease. Ionized drinking water has an alkaline pH (ranging from 8.5 pH to 9.5 pH), which helps to balance the body pH in a safe and natural way. 
  3. Increase hydration. Ionized water is restructured, reducing the size of water molecule clusters while increasing cellular hydration. Increased hydration also improves waste removal from the cells.
  4. Improve blood oxygenation. Proper hydration in general will increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood. Since this micro-clustered water increases hydration, it can also enhance blood oxygenation.

All Ionized Alkaline Water Is Not the Same

Ionized water is known by several other names including:

  1. hexagonal water
  2. kangen water
  3. restructured water
  4. alkaline water
  5. micro-clustered water
  6. active hydrogen water
  7. antioxidant water and
  8. living water.

After experiencing the amazing benefits of this water for myself, I started offering the water to my health and nutrition clients and thus started recommending these water ionizers to others.

However, many of the ionizers on the market are cheap knock-offs with different names. In addition, during the past 8 years I have seen several water ionizers come and go. I would only purchase a water ionizer system from a company that has been around for at least 10 years.

The highest quality water ionizers are manufactured and assembled by Emco Tech or Sanastec, both of which have 30+ years of experience with water ionizer technology and manufacturing.

The quality of the manufacturing and the composition of the electrode plates are critical factors when it comes to water ionizers.

You can learn more about the ionizers manufactured by these companies at these sites:



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