PUR Faucet Water Filter
3-Stage Advanced Filtration

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pur water faucet filter
The PUR faucet water filter (3-stage FM-9400) has the highest ratings for filtering out many more contaminants than other faucet filters. This faucet filter offers advanced filtration in three stages: The filter has an added layer of media to trap sediment. The activated carbon microfilter reduces heavy metals (mercury, lead), chlorine and chlorine by-products (TTHMS), pesticides and herbicides, industrial pollutants (additives, gasoline), pharmaceuticals, and 99.99 percent of microbial cysts, such as giardia and cryptosporidium. (Note: this water filter does not filter out fluoride.) The water is then filtered over a bed of natural minerals, giving it a clean, refreshing taste.

What I like best about the PUR FM-9400B 3-Stage faucet filter is that it is NSF certified to filter out up to 30 water contaminants, but it leaves in healthy minerals for superior hydration.

The only drawback with this filter is that some consumer reviewers have reported that the filter tends to leak or crack with heavy use.

However, I am seeing new comments from PUR representatives claiming that the faucet mount filters have had quite a few upgrades recently.

They say they are much more durable and tight fitting and that it is now “easier to install, remove and replace the filter.”

Overall, the PUR faucet system produces great tasting, contaminant-free, mineral-rich water and is a great value for the price.

Manufacturer: Proctor & Gamble is the parent company of PUR water filtration products. According to Purwater.com, with every purchase of a PUR water filter, P & G donates 10 L of clean drinking water to needy children in developing nations.

Installation: This filter’s one click installation requires no tools and is ready to use within minutes. It snaps onto your faucet but is not compatible with pull-out faucets.

Warranty: This filter carries a one-year warranty.

Filter replacement: For best results, filters should be changed every 100 gallons (about 2 months) and cost about $20. However, buying the replacement cartridges in quantities can reduce that cost to half. Note: An extra filtration cartridge is included with the faucet filter.

For more product specifications or to buy now at a discounted price, go to PUR FM-9400B 3-Stage Horizontal Faucet Mount Chrome 

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