Oxygenate Your Body
By Drinking More Clean Water
by Nancy Hearn, CNC

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You can oxygenate your body to improve brain function, reduce stress on your body, increase your energy, and live an overall healthier life.

Body oxygenation has become an important topic in the health and wellness industry.

The focus is primarily because oxygen-deprivation at the cellular level can lead to serious imbalances in the bodyand even cellular death or mutation.

But if we get oxygen from the air we breathe, why would someone need to be concerned about body oxygenation?

To answer that question, consider oxygen’s primary roles in the body.

The Key Roles of Oxygen in the Body

Oxygen is obviously involved in our breathing processes, but it is also involved in every metabolic process in the body.

For example, nutrient compounds inside our cells are oxidized by enzymes. This process of oxidation is our main source of energy.

In addition, healthy cells in the body are aerobic, meaning they require adequate levels of oxygen for cellular respiration. When cells are deprived of oxygen for any reason, decay sets in.

How Water Helps to Oxygenate Your Body

The way that oxygen is utilized in the body is very complex. But to state it simply, when we inhale, oxygen from the air is diffused through tissues and into red blood cells.

If the body is well hydrated and the blood is free-flowing, the oxygen-rich blood circulates throughout the body and brings this essential nutrient, i.e., oxygen, to the tissues.

Enzymes then combine with the oxygen to initiate oxidative processes in the body, which serve many purposes including ridding the body of waste.

The accumulation of toxins and other metabolic waste in the body can block the flow of blood and other bodily fluids throughout the body.

How Dehydration Affects Body Oxygenation

So it is true that our bodies take in oxygen through the air we breathe. However, if we are not drinking enough water daily, the oxygen may not get to all the tissues in the body.

Even though the body is very adept at drought management, over time the cells and tissues that are deprived of oxygen will become diseased.

The other key factor about water is that the human body depends to a large degree on how effectively nutrients can get into the cells and the toxic wastes can be removed.

As you may know, waste is removed from the body in numerous ways. The main pathways for toxin removal are through respiration, perspiration, as well as through the urine and bowels.

However, what most people don’t know is that some of the worst poisons in the body can only be neutralized or destroyed through oxidation. Oxygen-rich red blood cells from the lungs take on this role.

When our body is even mildly dehydrated, all bodily functions become less efficient. This includes the utilization of oxygen at the cellular level and the removal of toxic wastes.

Best Drinking Water to Oxygenate Your Body

The type of water you drink does affect body oxygenation. And this is not necessarily because certain waters contain more oxygen than other waters, even though some bottled water manufacturers make this claim.

As far as I am concerned, the oxygen content is not even the issue. The issue is how well the body can utilize the oxygen that is in the water. I trust that Nature got it right with the composition of water. (Two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen = H2O)

From my experience, what makes the difference in water absorption and oxygen utilization is more about the structure of the water and what is NOT in it (i.e., chemicals and other contaminants).

What is important is the cleanliness of the water, the alkaline mineral content, as well as the clustering of water molecules.

The smaller the clusters of water molecules, the more absorptive the water becomes at the cellular level.

This is one of the reasons why I prefer ionized alkaline water – because the ionization process has been proven to micro-clusters the drinking water, which can increase body hydration by as much as 600 percent!

Water that is more hydrating will help oxygenate your body more effectively!

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