Lemon and low oxygen levels

How do I use lemons to improve my nephew's low oxygen levels?

He often is at 85-89. At this time, we have an oxygen concentration system.

I would like to improve his level naturally if possible. He is 21 with Down's and in a wheelchair limiting his activity.


I can't say that using lemons will improve your nephew's low oxygen levels, unless adding the lemon juice to water will get him to drink more water.

Adding a small amount of lemon juice to water will help to alkalize the body, which is always a good thing.

But it's the actual water itself, H2O, which delivers oxygen to the cells when the body is fully hydrated.

How our bodies use oxygen is very complex. But essentially, what happens is that when we inhale, oxygen from the air is diffused through tissues and into our blood cells.

If the body is well hydrated, the blood flows freely, delivering the oxygen-rich blood to all the cells and tissues throughout the body. If the body is dehydrated, the blood is "sticky" and the body is not oxygenated as efficiently.

In addition, the brain will not function as well if the body is dehydrated.

The human brain is approximately 85 percent water and optimal brain function depends on a consistent supply of water. This is especially true for anyone with brain or nervous system challenges, such as Down's syndrome.

Water gives the brain the electrical energy for all brain functions, including thought and memory processes. In fact, brain cells need twice the amount of energy as other cells in the body, according to Dr. Corinne Allen, founder of the Advanced Learning and Development Institute.

Dr. Allen says that water provides this energy to the brain more effectively than any other substance.

We also know that when a person is seriously dehydrated, his/her oxygen levels are low. Thus, it would seem to reason that even mild or moderate dehydration would also affect oxygen levels.

For more information, you might want to check out my article Oxygenate Your Body by Drinking More Water.

Another article published at NaturalNews.com called Oxygenate Your Body includes some additional ways to oxygenate one's body. For example, adding super green supplements to one's diet, such as liquid chlorophyll, spirulina, or chlorella.

I highly recommend you look into giving your nephew an organic liquid chlorophyll supplement—with his doctor's permission, of course!

My top recommendation at this time is World Organics liquid chlorophyll.


Water and Brain Function - How to Improve Memory and Focus

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