Is Ozonated or Hydrogen water better?

(New Zealand)

They say hydrogen water is far superior to ozonated water.

I know of stage 4 cancer patients having ozone treatment and drinking ozonated water.

It can all be very confusing. Hard to find much on Hydrogenated water. Can anyone help?


Hydrogen water and ozonated water are practically opposite in how they function in the body, but both can be beneficial for different reasons.

Hydrogen water is electrolyzed water, also known as alkaline ionized water. Water ionizers produce hydrogen rich water through the process of electrolysis.

You can learn more about hydrogen water on the following page: What Is Molecular Hydrogen?

You might also want to read Nancy's Comments on Ozonated Water and especially check out my reply to the visitor comment on that page for December 29, 2015, “Alkaline and Ozone Water Uses.” I compare a few of the advantages and disadvantages of ionized water vs ozonated water.

In addition to alkaline ionized water, you can get Hydrogen (H2)-rich water by adding H2Viva tablets to your water. You can read more about this fairly new and unique product on this page: H2Viva tablets

And if interested, on the following site you can review the best water ionizers that I have found and thus highly recommend: Alka Viva water ionizers

I hope this information helps you somewhat to understand when it might be best to ingest ozonated water (which is oxidizing) and when to drink ionized hydrogen water (which is antioxidizing).

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