Nancy's Comments on Ozonated Water

by Nancy Hearn
(Livingston, MT, USA)

To be honest, I am undecided about the health benefits of ozonated water. And I usually don’t recommend (or NOT recommend) any type of drinking water or water filter that I have not used myself.

I have done extensive research about ozonated water and know of a few people who swear by it. But for some reason it just doesn’t appeal to me--and I am not motivated to try it for myself at this time.

Why? Partly because I am very happy with my medical-grade, alkaline water ionizer. In addition, I am not convinced that drinking ozonated water is advisable for ongoing use.

Thus, the articles I currently share on my site about ozonated water include research and references for your further study, but the information is not from my direct personal experience or conviction.

If I were motivated to give it a try, I would only consider using a medical-grade ozone generator, which costs about $3,000 or more. I need more incentive to make that kind of investment.

I do believe there is significant research to substantiate the benefits of other types of ozone therapy for disease recovery, such as using intravenous injection or blood transfusion.These therapies are being utilized in hospitals and medical clinics, primarily outside the U.S.

If I had a diseased condition in my body, I might feel differently about investing in a high-quality ozone generator and trying it because it does make some sense, for example, if one is trying to kill off cancer cells. Sure beats chemo or radiation.

I am leaning toward believing that ozonated water is relatively safe to drink in moderation. I am also leaning toward thinking that it should only be used periodically as needed for body cleansing and/or disease recovery, especially from cancer. But it just doesn’t make sense to me to drink it on a regular basis.

I truly hope that others who have more experience/knowledge with ozonated water will share their comments and enlighten us.

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