I am allergic to lemons - what else can I use?

by Linda


My eyes swell if I use to much citrus of any kind. I have used lemon juice before but now if I drink a half a lemon in water every day, my eyes swell and I start to get blisters in my mouth.

Is there another fruit that the juice offers the same health benefits that lemon offers.


Limes offer similar benefits to lemons. However, if you are allergic to lemons, you are most likely allergic to all citrus fruits.

In addition to lemons and limes, a few fruits that are most alkalizing in the body are watermelons, grapefruit, papayas, and mangoes.

Papaya enzymes are also very beneficial for weak digestion and other G.I. issues.

Drinking fresh-juiced leafy green vegetables or green smoothies will also be alkalizing in the body and provide many essential nutrients.

Drinking ionized, alkaline water is also an excellent way to get all of the benefits of drinking lemon water, as well as many more benefits, including increased cellular oxygenation and hydration, alkalinity, and anti-oxidation.

In fact, I believe drinking ionized, alkaline water every day is even more beneficial than drinking lemon water. However, water ionizers are obviously much more expensive than lemons.

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