Why not to drink ozonated water...

by Yves
(UK )

The first and only reason not to drink ozonated water is that it is one of the strongest oxidizers in the world ...is 3000 times the strength of chlorine.

The fact that it can change a free radical is true only it does not neutralize it ... just modifies it in something different, and still harmful to our body.

What our body needs is an antioxidant!! And 20% from the air we breathe turns into oxidative stress, the worst toxins for our body so we surely don't need more of that element in our body...

Same goes for the entire industry selling us "so called antioxidants" have a close look at them, they all are acids.. and by definition an acid is an oxidizer.... they will never neutralize a free radical into something harmless ..

The only anti oxidant that delivers what it's name stands for is "hydrogen"

Just have a look at recent research regarding hydrogen therapy H2 and be careful not to fall in the same pit... as some believe H2O2 is beneficial as well as some believe O3 is beneficial.

Yes u can use O3 water to wash vegetables and fruit with ... yes it will kill all virus, bacteria, fungi, etc, from your fruit and make it much safer to eat... just don't get the O3 inside your body.

Too many people believe they can drink O3 water on a daily basis. Can be used, only we need to look at it as a deadly medication and use properly.

Sometimes we go for the better of the worse options and need something to kill. Then ozone will do the job . . .

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Aug 12, 2016
Positive effects of O3
by: Gerrit

I read so many positive effects of O3. They even gave a Nobel prize for O3 research. In the former GDR East Germany, they used it successful against cancer. So why u are only talking bad about it?

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