What is optimum temperature for ozonation?

by Myron

I have been using a small home-based ozone unit for about 2 months. There should be little concern about using or drinking ozonated water, as ozone is very unstable and will quickly vanish once the ozonation process stops.

This is both an advantage and disadvantage, depending on how it is used, but for personal use, it is an advantage.

I can't find exact time figures, but it appears that waiting 10 minutes after ozonation would be safe before drinking.

I have questions about the optimum temperature for ozonation but haven't found answers so far. I would guess that the warmer the water, the faster it would dissolve out and vanish. Anyone know?

I have no claims to make about my health issues yet but I will be assessing that aspect in coming months, noting the experiences of others.

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Time to wait to drink after making glass ozone water
by: Anonymous

The ozonator manufactures recommend waiting 20 mins to drink the glass of water to allow the ozone to dissipate. It's still ozonated water, but just not so concentrated that your body can't absorb it effectively is my thinking. May cause a side effect.

Why wait??
by: Harley121

I believe that all waiting to drink it does is that it allows downtime in which ozone escapes the water! Ozonate the heck out of it on the highest setting your machine allows for 20 min or so and then down the hatch!

by: WellREADAnon

According to Victor Shauberger, undisputably most authoritative figure ever when it comes to Water studies and natures way of doing things,I would recommend starting with and drinking it at exactly FOUR degrees Celsius.

Make it inside a sealed container so pressure of evaporated oxygen (which it decays into after reacting with H20) keeps higher concentration of it within liquid..

Water can be substituted with any liquid drinks you like (avoid carbonated ones though).. I also route purified oxygen from same concentrator into same drink when i make mine..

I also use (take) probiotics and digestive enzymes to counteract any damage to intestinal bacterial flora. Therefore, take only 8-12 oz. of oxyozone water per 8 hour period. I use distilled water 90+ percent of time and mineral supplements of high quality..

Calcium is bad for you if not routed to the bones--look into K2 and K7 vitamins..

To Ilan
by: Anonymous

Have you noticed health benefits?

Ozonated water temp
by: Ilan

Hi again, I have been drinking it for over a year and always within a minute from the time the machine stops.

Recently, I noticed that the ozone smell is not there anymore and I plan to replace the machine as I feel that these machines won't last as long as they should.


Water temp etc.
by: Myron

For Ilan:

Thanks for your reply. How long have you been drinking ozonated water one minute after bubbling and what changes have you experienced?

Warm it or drink it?
by: Myron

Was this by Anonymous? Anyway, thanks. I figured warm/hot water would obviously not retain the ozone as well as colder water. The exception for me is when I use it as a foot bath - hate cold water on my feet.

I remain wary of drinking freshly ozonated water simply because of the possible effects on beneficial intestinal bacteria. Have yet to read anything about this one way or the other. And anyway, how would you test for it?

Ozonated water temp
by: Ilan

The colder the water, the longer it lasts. Put a few ice cubes into the container when you start your ozone machine as cold water keeps the ozone in the water longer.

I drink the water within a minute or so after I stop the machine.

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