What is optimum temperature for ozonation?

by Myron

I have been using a small home-based ozone unit for about 2 months. There should be little concern about using or drinking ozonated water, as ozone is very unstable and will quickly vanish once the ozonation process stops.

This is both an advantage and disadvantage, depending on how it is used, but for personal use, it is an advantage.

I can't find exact time figures, but it appears that waiting 10 minutes after ozonation would be safe before drinking.

I have questions about the optimum temperature for ozonation but haven't found answers so far. I would guess that the warmer the water, the faster it would dissolve out and vanish. Anyone know?

I have no claims to make about my health issues yet but I will be assessing that aspect in coming months, noting the experiences of others.

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