Water Filter System for Water Softener

by Dan
(Roselle, IL, USA)

We have well water with hardness 27 grains, iron 4.5 ppm, sulfur 0.2 ppm and total dissolved solids 125 ppm.

We have a water softener and iron reducer in place. We cannot drink the water because of the salt added in the water from the water softener, and also because of all the other contaminants in well water.

I would like to install an under the sink drinking water system that removes the excess salt from the water softener as well as removing the contaminants.

I understand that the under the sink water filtration systems will remove the contaminants, but will they also remove the salt that is in the water added by the water softener?

Or do we need a reverse osmosis system to remove the excess salt? Thank you.

WBH response:

One of the Crystal Quest tech advisers said that you will need to get an under sink reverse osmosis system with a pump in order to remove the excess salt from your water softener, as well as the contaminants. He said all of the Crystal Quest under sink RO systems with pumps will remove salt.

Check out this specific recommendation:

Thunder 1000CP RO under sink system with pump AND re-mineralizer

You can read more about the optional optional re-mineralizer add-on here. (price $57)

You can also Scroll down on this page of the Crystal Quest site to see other RO under sink systems that also have a pump.

Thunder 4000CP with pressure pump
Thunder 1000MP with pressure pump
Thunder 2000MP with pressure pump
Thunder 3000MP with pressure pump
Thunder 4000MP with pressure pump

If you have read my articles at www.waterbenefitshealth.com about reverse osmosis (RO) water, you will understand why I usually don’t recommend RO water.

However, I understand in certain situations, like yours, RO water is necessary. Thus, if drinking RO water, it is important to replenish your body with ionic minerals, either through supplementation or a re-mineralization add-on like this. Anyway, just an idea. . .

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