Under sink filter for existing faucet

by Vickie
(Mechancisburg, PA)

Can you recommend an under sink water filter that uses my existing faucet?


Sorry, but I am not aware of any under sink water filters that use the existing faucet. All of the under sink filters that I have researched and reviewed require the installation of the separate drinking water faucet.

Please let us know if you find one. I will also come back and update this if I find one.

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Sep 18, 2014
A solution for under sink filter for an existing faucet
by: Petr(from San Francisco)

Hi! For a setup that you have in mind you have to be little more creative. To start, you have to be familiar with plumbing and in this case in detail about how the kitchen faucet hooked up!

You can buy a drinking water filter that fits to mount under the sink. Typically cold water is on the right side and on the left side is hot. Remember that hot and cold water is coming under the sink area through the wall and is terminated with a valve. Then from the valve to the kitchen faucet.

You can disconnect the flexible hose from the cold water supply into the faucet right at the valve supply (usually 3/8 compression end).

Now you have two ends that you can couple with "in" and "out" port of the filter. Of course, the length of each connection would vary and you would have to be creative what kind of adapter you would use on either end to make it happen. Good luck!

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