Training in Hot Weather
by Coach Fred Moore

running on the desert

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Each year I have written a note to the runners I coach in Arizona about training in hot weather. 

First, respect the weather we have in Arizona.  It is hot, and at times it is very hot. So how do you deal with that?

You could just not run in this weather or you could go to a health club and find a running machine, and there are many types.

But what do you do if you want to run outside?

It is best to run in the cooler times of the day. Go early in the morning.

Wear appropriate clothes. Light colors (white is preferred) and material that is cool.

Wear a hat.  A very high percentage of your body heat comes out through your head. A white hat is best.

Key Symptoms of Overheating

Be aware of the symptoms of overheating. Some are counter-intuitive.

Sweating is good, but the first sign of overheating is you stop sweating. The second sign is feeling cold or chilly and, last, is getting dizzy.

The first thing to do if you experience symptoms of overheating is to pour water on your head and upper body, and find shade to stand under until you cool down.

If you get dizzy, find shade, sit down with your head between your legs. If ice is available, get ice and put in on the back of your neck. 

How to Prevent Overheating

Cut down on your weekly mileage. The further you run, the higher your body temperature. Do easy running, maintenance running. Run on the shady side of the street! 

Go to altitude to train when you can. Flagstaff is best. Payson or Prescott are also good choices. The temps are more reasonable there in the summer heat.

Carry your phone with you when you run, so you can call someone if you get in trouble.  And don’t be afraid to walk if you feel too hot. 

Remember to drink plenty of fluids throughout your run.

Above all BE SMART!!!!  There is great advantage to training in hot weather, but some of the heat is extreme. Any temp over 110 degrees is extreme. 

Fred Moore is an acclaimed running coach and was named to the NJCAA Track and Field Hall of Fame in 1995 and to the Arizona Running Hall of Fame in 2012. During the past 40+ years, he has coached a few Olympians and numerous national champions.  He is currently the owner and coach of the Quest Running Club in Phoenix, Arizona. 

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