Too much fluid retention!

by Jackie B. Norton
(Tuscumbia, AL)

I cannot control my fluid retention. Based on what I've read on your website, I guess I've been making a critical mistake. I have been staying away from salt but I increased potassium levels by taking a potassium supplement.

I exercise regularly and had trimmed from 225 to 213 on a high fat diet, primarily. But over the last 3 weeks, I've taken in too many carbs and my weight is back up to 219. I look bad, too bloated, too round.

According to your article above, I do not need to be taking a potassium supplement. I am 53 years old, take a BP med (Losartan with a 25 mg diuretic HCTZ). I also suffer from adrenal fatigue. Please help. Thanks, Jackie B. Norton


I am not sure which pages you have read on my website, but I would highly recommend you first read my article on Causes of Water Retention and What to Do About Them.

Second, I can’t advise you about anything related to medications but you should ask your doctor if one of the side effects of your BP med is fluid retention. Or it should be fairly easy to research online. Just do a search and type in “side effects of Losartan.” At least that might help you determine if that is one of the causes for you or not.

Regarding weight loss and healthy eating, I believe starchy carbohydrates and sugars, along with all processed foods, are really the main culprits of most of our health and overweight issues.

I also know that many of the starchy, high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar foods are very addicting. So it is not an easy path to overcome but definitely doable. Thus, be patient with yourself and know that this is a lifelong process.

Many ago I constantly craved sugars and starches. It has been a process over several years to reduce my intake of these foods. The good news is that gradually the sugar/starch cravings DO disappear. I have little desire or even tolerance for sweets or starches anymore.

As I pursued better health and vitality, I focused primarily on eating moderate healthy fats (avocados, olives, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and nut butters, salmon, halibut, etc.), moderate lean protein (primarily fish, plant-based proteins, and some poultry), LOTS of vegetables and minimal fruits (primarily berries).

I do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all diet that is right for everyone, so this plan may not work for you.

However, in my nutrition practice the above basic healthy eating plan has worked the best (for both health improvements and sustained weight loss) for everyone I have worked with.

I encourage anyone and everyone to avoid extremes in diets—including high-fat, high-protein, non-fat, or anything else of that sort.

The key word is “moderate,” especially when it comes to fats and proteins.

In addition, I think we set ourselves up for failure if we attempt to eat "right" 100 percent of the time.

Thus I encourage you to try to eat this way (or whatever healthy eating plan you choose) 80 percent of the time (at least 8 out of 10 meals), allowing yourself to have those social foods or comfort foods as a special treat so that you do not feel deprived and then have a tendency to splurge on unhealthy foods for days or weeks.

If you are drinking enough water for your height, weight and activity levels, you might want to take a trace mineral supplement rather than just potassium, such as the Trace Minerals supplement offered below at Amazon or your local health food store.

I will be writing more articles on healthy eating and weight management via my monthly newsletter, so I hope you will stay in touch and come back often. Sincerely, Nancy Hearn

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