The Truth About Ozone

by Jesse James Howard

The use of ozone in drinking water not only kills the germs, viruses, and fungi that may be in your water but it also purifies it as well.

You will need a glass bubblier as well as a glass container to ozonate your water properly. This keeps plastic and bits of the stone bubbliers out of your water as the ozone slowly breaks these down, releasing it into the water.

I strongly believe that the reason ozone is being attacked in such a manor is that it truly helps, it has been proven that oxygen in the blood stream does kill some cancer cells and slows the rate at which cancer spreads and progresses. This would take money away from the hospitals and pharmacies.

The oxygen required to fight cancer is an oxygen singlet(O1), whereas the oxygen typically taken in by our body is O2 from our air.

Ozonated water is the simplest manor of taking in the oxygen singlet. When you drink ozonated water you are taking in ozone(O3), upon ingesting the ozone it is broken up into O2 and O1 the oxygen singlet).

Both are carried through the body via the blood stream and distributed throughout the body.

Please don't believe the negative propaganda, the truth is in the successes of many cancer survivors.

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