The Truth About Ozone

by Jesse James Howard

The use of ozone in drinking water not only kills the germs, viruses, and fungi that may be in your water but it also purifies it as well.

You will need a glass bubblier as well as a glass container to ozonate your water properly. This keeps plastic and bits of the stone bubbliers out of your water as the ozone slowly breaks these down, releasing it into the water.

I strongly believe that the reason ozone is being attacked in such a manor is that it truly helps, it has been proven that oxygen in the blood stream does kill some cancer cells and slows the rate at which cancer spreads and progresses. This would take money away from the hospitals and pharmacies.

The oxygen required to fight cancer is an oxygen singlet(O1), whereas the oxygen typically taken in by our body is O2 from our air.

Ozonated water is the simplest manor of taking in the oxygen singlet. When you drink ozonated water you are taking in ozone(O3), upon ingesting the ozone it is broken up into O2 and O1 the oxygen singlet).

Both are carried through the body via the blood stream and distributed throughout the body.

Please don't believe the negative propaganda, the truth is in the successes of many cancer survivors.

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Benefits of Ozone H2O O3
by: Joy Marivic

I'm taking my meds with Ozone H20 O3. And I'm Glad I'm ok and Energetic with Gods Mercy and Help.

I love ozone H2O O3 for brushing our teeth / no bad breath even when you wake up in the Morning.

I used it in my Coffee, my soup, steaming rice and and Glad I'm a Distributor now of Ozone H20 o3.

Ozonated Water Eliminates 99.9% of Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi
Helps meltdowns your Cholesterol
Take away side effects or complications of the Medicines you took.

Be Healthy my Friends.

Plants and cats like ozonated water
by: Anonymous

I use an ozone machine to clean my produce. I take the used water and water my plants. I just don't like to waste water. I have noticed my plants are doing extremely well, even blooming when I've had trouble keeping them alive before. I pour the used water in a bucket waiting to water my plants.

My cats have been attracted to that bucket and even knock the off the plate covering the top to get at the water. So if the plants are doing well and the cats like it, I'm going to try it.

Benefits of ozone
by: Sheila

I started drinking ozonated water about 2 years ago mainly because I have young children who are always picking up bugs.

I am the only one in my family who drinks it every day and after a few glasses I feel I have more energy. I seem to stay well and when the children are ill, I prompt them to drink it and I'm sure it helps with a speedier recovery.

Ozone Bubbler
by: Anonymous

Where can I get a glass bubbler for my ozone machine?

Thank You and Further Questions
by: Anonymous


Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge. I have also read reviews and studies of people with cancer who say that drinking ozonated water has helped them.

Do you personally know anyone with cancer who has benefited? If so, what type of cancer?

I am also inclined to believe that ozonated water will help with certain conditions in which parasites or other microorganisms are involved (such as cancer).

However, I am not convinced that anyone and everyone one should be drinking ozonated water on a regular basis. What do you think?
--Nancy Hearn

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