Size of water molecules

by Elizabeth

A marketeer in a market bazaar offers an electronic water filter which he claims makes the water molecules smaller so it can enter the cells and properly hydrate the skin. If a water molecule is H2O then changing this would make a substance other than water, would it not?


To my knowledge, you cannot make water molecules smaller. If he said that, he may not understand the science.

However, I do know that the better quality electric water ionizers will reduce the groupings or clusters of water molecules so that these water molecules absorb into the body's tissue with much greater efficiency.

According to Bob McCauley in The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water, "Ionized water is sometimes called cluster water or microcluster water because of its small molecular grouping. Water molecules typically group in clusters of 10 or more. Cluster size is measured with the use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Ionized water molecule clusters are grouped into six water molecules, thus they are reduced in size."

Nancy Hearn

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