Size of water molecules

by Elizabeth

A marketeer in a market bazaar offers an electronic water filter which he claims makes the water molecules smaller so it can enter the cells and properly hydrate the skin. If a water molecule is H2O then changing this would make a substance other than water, would it not?


To my knowledge, you cannot make water molecules smaller. If he said that, he may not understand the science.

However, I do know that the better quality electric water ionizers will reduce the groupings or clusters of water molecules so that these water molecules absorb into the body's tissue with much greater efficiency.

According to Bob McCauley in The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water, "Ionized water is sometimes called cluster water or microcluster water because of its small molecular grouping. Water molecules typically group in clusters of 10 or more. Cluster size is measured with the use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Ionized water molecule clusters are grouped into six water molecules, thus they are reduced in size."

Nancy Hearn

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Jan 28, 2018
Water Clusters Medica Grade Water Filtration
by: Pastor Kevin

Hi, Elizabeth ...

Ontario Canada here across the miles ... and a then some lol :)

There was a comment made about water clusters, and my understanding, from childhood, what begins as 100% water clusters in our system, depletes itself as we age into un-clustered or independent molecule bodies of water; unless passing through some form of electrical charge, liquid is simply too large to provide us intracellular benefit.

When we put normal water through an electrolysis process, via solid titanium plates, not mesh (99% of Ionizer water manufacturers), we launch the longevity for continuous flow of alkaline water. Said alkaline water will begin to lose its alkalinity in three ways: 1/ light, 2/ motion, 3/ time (latter usually over the course of 48-72 hours, although still alkaline, will have lost its real 'hydrogen' punch for true intracellular benefit.

It sounds like the marketer with whom you were inferring, about changing the size of the water molecule, was really wanting to say that what goes into his filtration system (as I noted above) as say 15-20 count (tap/bottled water), will come out for drinking at 4-6 cluster count (

From first hand experience consuming alkaline water with what I call 'Holy Grail Results' from a medical grade filtration system, using 99.9% solid titanium steel plates for its electrolysis process, I recently added it to my blog to supplement my income. Here is a post if you would like to share it -

PS: Worth noting that medical grade units using solid titanium plates have on record 10-25 years per/unit life expectancy (42 year old company with offices all over the globe) ... whereas ... respectfully ... North American made Ionizers using mesh filtration hold an average life expectancy of 1.5 - 4 years per unit (virtual sales only and no offices) ...thus why I invested only after much research.

Thank you ... Pastor Kevin

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