Reverse Osmosis Filter in India

by Deepak

I read your articles about reverse osmosis and its disadvantages and I found your website very helpful. I have a question related to my reverse osmosis water filter.

I am using water purifier with features RO + UV + UF and having water of TDS-70 ppm in INDIA. So is this purified water good for me or not?

WBH response:

Hi Deepak, thank you for visiting our website. I am sorry for the delayed response, but I have been super busy lately—and I only work on my water education project (website) very part time.

Reverse osmosis (R.O.) purified water is certainly healthier for you than tap water in most cases, especially in India.

However, since the natural occurring minerals are removed from the water in the reverse osmosis process, I don’t believe this is the best situation for long-term health. Many water experts confirm this and you can find this information on many different pages on my site.

Thus, if you already invested in this water purifier (and don’t want to buy a water system that removes contaminants but not the minerals), I would highly recommend you take high quality ionic mineral supplements, or at least Himalayan crystal salt or Celtic sea salt (which contain at least 80 trace minerals) for as long as you drink this water.

Taking ionic minerals supplements will not be the same as drinking mineral rich water, but mineral supplementation will help maintain some mineral balance in your body. You can read more here about the importance of natural salt and water.

When you are ready to invest in a water filter again, I would recommend you find a multi-stage water filter system that does not use R.O. or distillation.

UV and UF are fine when used in conjunction with water filter media such as carbon block or kinetic degradation flux (KDF).

The key to finding a good water filter system for your home is to try to find out what contaminants are in your source water, and then getting the filtration information from the company that sells the water system and see if the system filters adequate levels of contaminants.

To your health!

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Aug 14, 2014
by: Abhishek

I am finalising water purifier for home. I had selected one purifier with UF+UV+Alkaline. Is the product perfect or should I look for another one?

May 23, 2013
by: Petr from San Francisco

I would like to add that R.O. process is very effective to remove undesirable contaminants, however it removes beneficial minerals that are disolved in the water and they are good for you.

If you use R.O. as a main process to purify water it would be a good idea to have a remineralization cartridge in a system as a last step before the water is ready for drinking. The remineralization cartridge is a cartridge that adds into the water desirable minerals mainly calcium and magnesium! Good luck

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