6 Natural Remedies for Dog Anxiety

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Anxiety in dogs occurs for various reasons and is usually expressed through undesirable habits like persistent barking, destructive behaviors, or aggression.

For dogs who suffer from anxiety, pet parents can turn to natural remedies as an alternative option to the use of medications. If you think your dog may be suffering from some form of anxiety, here are a few simple, natural remedies that have proven effective over time:

Treats and Supplements

These may come as tasty, chewable goodies that are full of vitamins and relaxing elements such as melatonin. They are highly effective when given before specifics events that have previously proven to be stressful for your pup, like car rides or being in the vet’s office.

Traditional Herbs

Traditional herbs like kava kava are used in Polynesian culture to treat general anxiety. They act just like alcohol on the brain, making you calm and happy. They may also relieve pain or relax tensed muscles. Kava kava can be bought as herbal supplements that can be dropped in your dog’s water.

Anti-Anxiety Clothing

Tight-fitting coats and garments, when worn, apply gentle pressure to a dog’s torso and may help reinforce in them a sense of security that enables them to relax. Just the same way swaddling clothes work on a baby. Before applying anti-anxiety clothing or any other anxiety treatment, you should be sure to learn all you can about the symptoms of anxiety in dogs. Visit ceebeedoo.com for a detailed guide.


CBD stands for cannabidiol, an essential component of cannabidiol-derived directly from the hemp plant. CBD Oils have gained popularity in recent years for their ability to relieve anxiety in humans. They also hold some benefits for our canine companions and may be administered as drops or tablets, which can be mixed in their food or placed directly in their mouths to soothe frayed nerves and relieve muscle tension. 

Powdered Formula

When mixed in dog food, powdered formulae (containing relaxing ingredients) may help relieve anxiety in dogs. Some of these ingredients are peppermint, passionflower, and valerian root, all of which have been recorded to calm the body. You should always be careful and consult a vet before starting your dog with any herbal treatments, particularly if they are on other medication if there are any harmful side effects.

Quality Time

There is nothing more soothing to a dog than its owner’s touch. Spending quality time stroking, petting, or brushing your dog helps melt all of their stress away. Another benefit of these activities is that they also serve as bonding time between you and your pet.

Natural remedies are terrific, but if you notice that your dog’s anxiety keeps progressing even after employing them, the chances are that the trigger has not been identified. In this case, you may need to pay a visit to the vet who will thoroughly assess your dog and help come up with a better treatment plan to cure your dog’s anxiety, or they can refer you to a behavioral therapist who will be able to perform an in-home assessment and help from there.

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