Ozone use and R.O. water

Most hot tubs have an ozone generator to help disinfect the water. Be sure to read up on breathing ozone, it can trigger asthma or respiratory irritation for some people.

To my knowledge, nothing will remove virus or prion particles; after being exposed to them, they remain inactive/dormant if our immune system is working properly.

That said, we have an ozone generating light placed in-line to disinfect air as it passes within our forced air furnace. I have no problem with the air quality from either the hot tub or indoor ozone generators.

I also love the wetness of our RO water which has no odor or taste. I drink more water for that reason, thereby minimizing the risk of kidney stones and dehydration related health problems. IMHO, those risks are significantly more serious than eliminating the total dissolved minerals and solids (ick).

Diet is my primary source for minerals and nutrients. In comparison, water is a very poor source for minerals, confirmed by credible scientific studies. Don't be fooled by obscure uncontrolled studies and anecdotal evidence. There are many sites online both in support and against, so see what works for yourself.

If reverse osmosis water tastes or smells bad, it indicates a filter change is overdue. There is some maintenance to every water purification system.


Nancy’s response:

Thank you for your comments. I just wanted to say that I also believe that diet is our primary source for minerals and nutrients.

People mistakenly think that because I recommend mineral-rich water to drink, I am suggesting that we cannot get all the minerals we need from our food. But that is not the reason I recommend drinking mineral-rich water vs demineralized water. If interested, you can read more here on why we need minerals in water.

I also agree with you that the “best” drinking water for one person may not be the same for another person. Everybody has a different body metabolism.

I drank reverse osmosis and distilled water for several years and felt constantly dehydrated. When I switched to filtered drinking water and then ionized water, my hydration levels and energy significantly improved. I also noticed a significant decrease in symptoms of allergy and asthma, and my bone density improved. My personal experience led to further research . . . and the development of this website.

Anyway, as I always say when it comes to personal health, information is just information, especially when you find it online, and even when it is verified by reputable studies.

I also encourage people to research the pros and cons of mineral water (filtered) vs demineralized water (R.O. and distilled), see what makes the most sense, and then experiment in the laboratory of their own bodies.

People can get bottled R.O. water and/or bottled spring mineral water and give each a try for a few months and take note of any changes (pros and cons) before investing in an expensive water system.

Another note regarding R.O. water: During the past year or so, I have noticed that some of the R.O. water system companies are now offering a remineralization cartridge with their systems, which is installed after the R.O. membrane and any other filtration. That tells me that even the R.O. companies recognize the importance of putting the minerals back in, don’t you think?

I am still researching, but I believe these R.O. systems with the added remineralization cartridge may be the “best of the best” in terms of whole house filtration. So, the water system industry is evolving, and I try to keep an open mind about it.

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