Ozone in General

by Robert

I think the subject must be researched using scientifically based data regardless of personal opinions of possible bias in the data which can be 'flushed' out. Anecdotal ain't science.

For example, if I claimed Reiki worked better than ozone, what would your response be? I guess it would come down to, "if it works for you then great". There is something to be said about double blind studies, placebos, etc.

No, I am not drug oriented, but a raised herbalist & worked in the medical field, aka, trauma medicine & my daughter is a licensed naturopath who uses ozone. In her practice, it is important to maintain a well-ventilated air space, especially as prescribed by the many federal agencies.

Ozone is irritating to breathe in directly or in high concentrations if allowed to escape into the air, uncontrolled, as with the 'bagging' technique or otherwise where there is escaping ozone during use/application as I have experienced this directly.

That being said, I believe from research that fluoride is more pernicious as are the so-called 'adjuvants' added to vaccines, which do more harm than good.

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Ozonated Water Tastes Weird (For Some People)

by Annonymous

Based on my personal experiences, even when I am parched to death, I still would rather turn away from a bottle of ozonated water and look for non-ozonated water.

Non-"Ozed" water tastes crisp and feels refreshing. "Ozoed" water tastes blunt, dull, and makes me even more thirsty (for some reason). I recommend not drinking ozonated water.

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It has been researched
by: Paulyboy

In reply to your comment ozone generators have been researched and the positive effects are being suppressed as this is potentially a massive global threat to the pharmaceutical industry which tries to control the population by causing disease trough our food and water and then presenting a cure!! It's the perfect crime that has been in place since 1910 in order to depopulate the planet and make way for agenda 21 and the NWO.

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