Ozone falls to the ground during strong thunderstorms

by Alex William Cushing
(Pontiac IL, United States)

There is a lot of differing views on Ozone about the possible uses and safety in using it. We all know that it can kill harmful viruses and bacteria, can turn unwanted free radicals in our body to less harmful elements, and we also know that it is unsafe in too big of quantities.

It is not to be underestimated that O3 is very highly charged by the strongest of the sun's UV light.

They say that the Ozone protects us from the sun's strongest UV light, but in reality what is happening is that when those rays hit O2, O2 is being fused into O3 and then falling to the top of the atmosphere where it is constantly being converted from O2 to O3 to O2 to O3, thus the Ozone is formed. It is this process that keeps the strongest UV light from reaching the Earth's surface and keeps us from frying under direct sunlight.

So how much ozone is just right? I believe the answer can be found by studying the habits of powerful thunderstorms that form at very high altitudes, in the Ozone.

O3 falls up in the Earth's atmosphere which is why it all sits at the top and is also why it takes a very powerful, high altitude thunderstorm to bring it down to the Earth's surface in rain droplets. When it reaches the ground it immediately begins to fall back towards the sky and along the way it either reacts with pollution or other dirty things and cleans them up, or it disperses itself into O2 fairly quickly.

However much is allowed to fall during the strongest thunderstorms (which I take every opportunity to sit outside in, and it feels great to breathe, and on the skin) is likely to be in the range of where we should be at when ingesting O3 either by our air passages and lungs or by drinking it into our stomachs by way of water.

So, since this process happens somewhere on Earth every single day, of course it is a necessary part of Earth's ecology. This element can and should be used when it is appropriate to do so, which may be A LOT more often than it is being used today. - February 13, 2016.

Personally, I'd like to see it being used as an alternative remedy for the onslaught of the globalist's vaccination agenda being forced on more and more people every day. America is the sickest 1st world country in the world and we also have the most vaccination AND total control of the medical industry by big money interests. Hard to say it is coincidence or just fast food doing it.

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