Ozone and Rats Lungs

by Tariq
(glasgow, scotland)

I saw somewhere that when rats were administered ozone they got pulmonary odema, then the ozone treatment was stopped! Once the rats got well again it was restarted, but this time the rats remained healthy throughout the experiment.

Did this experiment really happen and if so what does it mean for us today?

Also rats were chosen for the experiment because they have very fragile and sensitive lungs so quickly showed up any effects. Thanks

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Oxygen Based Ozone vs Nitrogen Based Ozone
by: Anonymous

I've read there is a distinction between ozone produced that is mixed with nitrogen, vs ozone that is produced when mixed with oxygen.

Yes, "good ozone" will likely cause the body some de-tox phenomenon. Anyone who has done de-toxing methods or regimens understands "garbage in -> garbage out". It's good to get the garbage out and to know what your personal tolerance is for experience this phenomenon, and then you can tweak it to suit your preference. Peace.

My Lung Capacity Seemed to Increase
by: Nick

Even though one is not supposed to inhale ozone, I decided to try it anyway---along with my usual regimen of drinking ozonated water.

The results were that I coughed very badly each time I tried to inhale ozone over the course of several weeks.

However, I did notice something that seemed positive. I seemed to be able to breath more deeply: meaning my impression is that my lung capacity increased noticeably.

Ozone Gas on Lungs
by: Anonymous

Ozone effects on lungs seem to be an intense detox, which can be painful and initially dangerous, then healing.

Do not try to inhale ozone directly, you must bubble it through virgin olive oil to breathe it in.

I have breathed it in indirectly while making ozonated water and it caused a headache and coughing, with some chest pain, but after a day the pain was gone, and now I cough with no congestion in my lungs like I was before.

Ozone Gas and Lungs
by: Andrew

A little of my own experience.. .

I ozonate my water in my room, where I sit and play with my computer for hours on end.

Originally I smelled the ozone, and after a while my eyes would burn and my throat would bother me.

However, after a few days, the sensations disappeared, no matter how much the ozone generator was on or off.

My thoughts, though need co-oberation, are that my lungs were affected negatively by the ozone, initially, but somehow got used to the ozone and they compensated.

Some have said that the discomfort is due to impurities, and sick lung cells that are killed off and removed. Then they are replaced by healthy lung cells that are not negatively affected by ozone in the air.

Nancy's Response
by: Nancy

Tariq, I had also heard something similar. There are a lot of similar tests done on rats with ozone, which you can find on many of the science websites.

Check out this study at Science Direct.

What does this mean for us today? I honestly don't know. I've never seen anyone interpret the findings to possible human effects.

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