Ozonated Water vs Ionized Water for Daily Use

by Merlin
(Phoenix, Arizona)

One of the biggest advantages of ozonated water, based on my research, is that proponents say ozonation is a naturally occurring process in nature.

But I think there is a reason why the blue, cleaner sky of the ozone layer, for example, is in the extremes of our atmosphere and not where we can breathe it every day.

I did a little research on ozonated water after reading Nancy's articles and found that ozonation has been used for a long time in many European countries such as Germany and Sweden. Doctors have seen the positive effects of ozonation in treating skin problems and even serious diseases such as cancer.

Since Dr. Otto Warburg discovered the cause of cancer in 1923, i.e., the lack of oxygen at the cellular level, many scientists have been trying to determine ways to increase oxygen levels in the body.

One way is the process of ozonation, which produces an 03 compound. The supposition is that when we breathe in or drink ozonated water, the extra oxygen molecule will break off and connect to oxygen deficient cells in the body and increase the oxygen level.

The way that ozonated water is made, however, is a bit bizarre. It is no ordinary drinking water. This is a complicated piece of machinery that will give you a glass of water after ten minutes of fidgeting.

If this machine does break, you drink too much of it, have a breathing problem, just got done working out, or any problems seemingly related to breathing, you will feel that abnormal excess of oxygen in your body and it will hurt.

That is not to say there are not specific applications of this device. I think that it has had great benefits in treating cancer and many people in the states and abroad swear by ozonation.

However, this does not seem to me to by the type of preventative, healthy water I am looking for. I believe it could be considered of a cure for certain diseases, a very healthy alternative to some modern-day practices.

But for daily drinking water, something that maintains your body and regulates your blood and alkalinity, I would much rather stick with an ionizing water filter.

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