Oxidation Reduction Potential of Ozonated Water

by Petr
(San Francisco, CA)

I was measuring the other day at my friend's house the ORP value of Ozonated water. The value was +605mV. It is known from the literature that water that has ORP around +600 mV kills bacteria.

We know that ozone is very reactive and it would make sense not to introduce into the human body more reactive molecules.

The ozonated water could be beneficial for killing bacteria good/bad and help people to cure cancer whatever mechanism is doing the job!

The pH of the ozonated water that my friend prepared from the distilled water was also low (pH -4.5).

Knowing that oxidative stress is causing all kind of problems, I wouldn't go with this water on a regular basis to properly hydrate the body and instead go with ionized alkaline water. This water has a negative ORP value up to -650 mV and is very effective to scavenge free radicals.

Nancy's response: Thank you for sharing this comment, Petr! I think I have come to the same conclusion about ozonated drinking water as you have.

I believe ozonated water can be beneficial to rid the body of unhealthy bacterium, viruses and parasites that are associated with various health conditions, including cancer.

However, I also think that because of the high positive oxidation reduction potential of ozonated water, it is not wise to drink it on a long-term, daily basis.

I agree with your recommendation about the best drinking water, which I have written several articles about on my site.

The second best choice in drinking water, in my opinion, is high-quality filtered water that contains natural-occurring alkaline minerals.

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