O3 is a medicine for human without chemicals

by ravi kumar

O3 is highly effective in R.O. water treatment because it will break down the carbonic acid to CO2 & water so the ph is neutralized. It is also an antibiotic.

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Mar 05, 2015
Retake your science class
by: Kenny

O2 and 03 are both molecules. Ozone has an additional oxygen ATOM. Your credibility plummeted when I read your explanation.

Moreover, many viruses and bacteria do live in an oxygen rich environment. The transport mechanism for many viruses and bacteria is the air.

I am not discounting the effectiveness of 03, but your explanation does not hold water.

Jan 15, 2014
O3...a "natural powerhouse"
by: Peter

We all know that O2 is Oxygen and O3 is Ozone, just one more molecule. Tell me if this doesn't make perfect sense.

O2 is the air we breathe. Unfortunately some of the air we breathe is infested with pollutants and hard to escape from, but we live on.

We also have O2 in our blood. We all know that most viruses and bacteria cling to and live off a "host", a living thing such as a human or animal.

Why is it that we very seldom hear about a virus or bacteria living in the AIR we breathe. Sure we've heard of an "airborne" virus or bacteria, but it ultimately attaches itself to a "host"...a human! It clings and lives in our system and causes havoc.

Now here's the catch about O3. If we seldom hear of viruses or bacteria living "outside" a host, then don't you think it's quite possibly due to enriched O3 in the air you breathe or water you drink, causing a more enriched blood to fight and ward off these maladies?

Think about it...the extra molecule of Oxygen is a "natural powerhouse".

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