Mysteries of Water
in Nature and in Human Life
by Nancy Hearn, CNC

hole in glacier wall

Even though we drink it, bathe in it, and cook with it every day of our lives, most of us take water for granted.  

We rarely pause to think about water because it is so common and abundant in nature.

However, the mysteries of water are many, and understanding water’s power to heal ourselves and the planet is worth pursuing.

Why Ice Floats on Water

Clean water found in nature is flowing, moving and changing.  It is the essence of life on planet earth.

According to Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto in The Hidden Messages in Water, “One of the most mysterious things about water is the simple fact that ice floats in it.”

When other substances go from the liquid to the solid sate, the density of the solid form increases and it becomes heavier.

However, as Emoto states:

“Water particles align in a very regulated way, with many large spaces between them. When ice returns to water, the particles become hundreds of thousands of times more active. As the particles become more active, the spaces fill in, making the liquid form of water denser and heavier than the solid form [ice]."

Thus, ice floats. What to me is even more interesting is the fact that water is at its heaviest at 4°C (39°F).  This is the temperature at which the active water particles fill the empty spaces of the molecules.

As the temperature increases, the particles become more active, lowering the density. As a result, no matter how cold the temperature is above the body of water (such as a lake), the bottom temperature remains stable at 4°C.

This stable temperature allows fish and other aquatic life to survive freezing cold winters below the ice.

Water Dissolves Substances

Another unique property of water is its ability to readily dissolve substances. This is one of the reasons why it is extremely difficult to keep water in a completely pure state. 

Clean water found in nature is never 100% pure water. It naturally contains minerals and many other substances.

If the environment is relatively clean and the water is free-flowing, then the mineral-rich water will typically be healthy to drink.

If the environment surrounding and feeding into the water is contaminated or if the water is stagnant, then the water will be contaminated and unhealthy for human consumption.

Unfortunately, it is rare to find water anywhere in nature these days that is safe to drink without some type of purification.

According to Emoto, “This ability of water to dissolve other substances creates a type of ‘soup of life’ that supplies the oceans with the necessary nutrients that enable life. This soup became the birthplace of all living creatures on the earth.”

Mysteries of Water in the Human Body

In the human body, water is a life force. If we lose 50 percent of the water in our bodies, we die. 

Water is the vehicle by which nutrients are carried to every cell in our body by way of  our blood and other bodily fluids.

In addition, water is the transporter of energy and information throughout our body, and its power to heal is significant. 

In his many years of work studying the mysteries of water, Dr. Emoto discovered that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words, and feelings. These findings and his message of personal health and environmental renewal are inspiring and practical. 

Water is also being utilized in many different health modalities for its ability to transmit energy and information. One health modality that understands this property of water is homeopathy.

Homeopathy and Water

The originator of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann (1791-1843), taught us to treat “like with like” or to fight poison with poison, using pure water as the solvent.  

For example, symptoms of lead poisoning can be treated by drinking water with a micro-dilution of lead in it.  The water would contain about 1 part lead to one trillion or even a hundred trillion parts water.  

In other words, at that dilution, the amount of lead is essentially nonexistent but the characteristics of lead remains. Almost miraculously, this micro-dilution of lead can be highly effective for relieving symptoms of lead poisoning.

In general, the greater the dilution, the greater the effectiveness of the homeopathic remedy.  

Emoto explains it like this:

“Another way to express this idea is that instead of the effect of the matter being used to get rid of the symptoms, the information copied to the water is being used to cancel out the information of the symptoms from the poison.”

This is one of the most interesting mysteries of water to consider—its ability (or at least potential) to copy and memorize information.

It opens up a whole world of possibility for healing . . .  


Masaru Emoto; The Hidden Messages in Water; 2005.

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