My shock as I tasted and smelled a medicinal element to the water I purchased

by Debra

I was in a hurry to leave my house to keep an appointment I had made and forgot to pick up a bottle of water to drink while I was out one day so I stopped at a local store to purchase it.

I went into the store and as always there were many choices available to drink. I didn't think much the type of water I was purchasing except I wanted "spring water" and I liked the design of the bottle I ended up getting as it had a flip up top that was convenient while driving.

I took the cap off, started the car, took off, and I took a drink of the water. At first there wasn't much I thought except that texture was a bit different from my regular water. Then after a couple of drinks I notice a very distinct smell of something medical, as if I had a shot or something. Not quite like alcohol but something like that.

It was very concerning and I decided not to drink anymore until I looked it up on the Internet. I was surprised to find out that it was chemically processed with ozone 3.

All I wanted was a bottle of spring water, but from now on I will check very carefully not to ever again purchase water that has been chemically processed. That is exactly the reason I purchase water because I don't want chemically processed water. Otherwise I would just take my chances with tap water.

I believe there are many people that are unaware that the water they are purchasing for about a dollar a bottle is just as chemically altered as their tap water. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience!


Thank you for sharing!

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