Main water source comes from a local cave in Philippines

Hello. I recently moved to the Philippines where our main water source comes from a local cave. It may run through the irrigation system, which i cannot confirm. We have it running into a 600 gallon tank for storage, but it doesn't stay in the tank for more than a week and constantly is filled up daily.

Our water gets brown when it's raining, which is the time we turn it off so it does not get into the tank. My wife and I have been getting rashes on our shoulders and waist line, to which the local doctor blames the water and prescribed a topical antibacterial cream.

How can we treat our water? Will a Sawyer filter be applicable for this? Temporarily, we are adding chlorine in small amounts.


I believe the Sawyer water filtration is more for light portable filtration such as for hiking and camping.

It sounds like you need a water filtration system that also purifies the water. I highly recommend the
Berkey water filters because of the quality and high degree of filtration and reliable water purification.

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