Lemon Water During Pregnancy

by Miza

Staying hydrated during pregnancy can help prevent constipation

Staying hydrated during pregnancy can help prevent constipation

Hello, I am in my first trimester and having a constipation problem. Is it safe to drink whole lemon in hot water every morning and does it help with constipation?

Which one is better, natural lemon or lemon juice in bottle? Thank you.

ANSWER: First, it is always better to drink fresh-squeezed lemon juice in water rather than bottled juice.

You can read more here about bottled lemon juice vs fresh-squeezed.

Second, unless someone has a citrus allergy or an ulcer, drinking lemon water in moderation during pregnancy should be beneficial and safe for the unborn child.

The key word here is "moderation" because too much lemon in water can cause the body to detoxify too fast.

Thus a strong concentration of lemon juice is not recommended. Drinking the juice of one full lemon in a glass of water might be too much for some women.

For pregnant women in general good health, I recommend starting with one-fourth of a lemon in a 12 to 16 ounce glass of water once a day. She can gradually increase that to two or three glasses of lemon water a day, depending on how she feels.

Potential Benefits of Lemon Water During Pregnancy

Two significant potential benefits of drinking lemon water regularly during pregnancy include improved digestion and elimination, as well as cold and flu prevention.

Jethro Kloss, author of Back to Eden, also said that drinking lemon water can help build strong bones and teeth in the child.

I believe this statement primarily comes from the premise that drinking lemon water can help to alkalize the body. The “normal” pH range for blood is between 7.30 and 7.45, which is slightly alkaline.

The body must keep the blood at that slightly alkaline level. If the body is too acidic, it will pull alkaline minerals from bones and teeth in order to buffer the acidity.

In other words, drinking lemon water can help to preserve the mineral balance in the pregnant mother so that these minerals are available to the unborn child during the developing weeks and months.

In addition to mineral balance, the blood pH is a good indication of how much oxygen is available to the cells. Obviously, well oxygenated cells are important for the growing fetus.

Additional Recommendations for Constipation

If drinking two to three glasses of lemon water daily does not improve the pregnant mother's problems with constipation, increase your water intake until you are drinking half your body weight in ounces of water.

Read more here on drinking enough water daily.

If you are drinking enough water daily, along with lemon water, and the constipation problem still persists, it is important to get help from a natural health or nutrition consultant.

Constipation most often comes from dehydration but improper food combining or other dietary factors may be the cause. Medications can also cause constipation.

Read more here on proper food combining.

Key supplements that can help with constipation issues include probiotics and digestive enzymes. Here are a few digestive aid products that I often recommend to my clients:

Dr.Ohhira's Probiotics

Latero-Flora Probiotic at Global Healing Center

Enzymedica Digest Gold

Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes

Read more about the Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water here.

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Is lemon juice safe when you are 27 weeks pregnant?
by: Anonymous

I am 27 weeks pregnant and I drink a lot of lemon juice, I don't even add sugar because I like the sourness. On average, I drink 2 liter of lemon with water, is it safe?


First, you should ask your doctor. I am not a doctor but I think 2 liters of lemon water a day is too much during pregnancy.

However, it depends on a lot of factors, especially how much lemon juice you put in the water. If you are adding no more than 1/2 lemon per liter of water, it might be ok. So the dilution of lemon water is critical.

It also depends on how healthy you are and how long you have been drinking lemon water.

What you don't want to do is to drink so much lemon water that your body starts to detoxify more than usual. Pregnancy is not a time to be cleansing and detoxifying.

Nancy Hearn, CNC

Lemon water truly helpful in first trimester pregnancy
by: Anonymous

Hello all. I had constipation with a terribly bloated stomach and indigestion as of a few weeks ago, even before I got to know I was 5 weeks pregnant. (first pregnancy... Thank God for answered prayers).

I just started taking lemon water 4 days ago and I do not have these pregnancy related issues anymore.

I just add a thin or moderate slice of fresh lemon in a glass or cup of clean water, and I take this first thing in the morning, then I top up the same lemon slice with water the rest of the day so my lemon intake is just adequate I think, for baby and me...

And so far, 4 days and counting, I've had no bloating, no indigestion, relieved constipation somewhat and I have been sleeping soooo much better.

I even feel stronger now than before I got pregnant. I also exercise moderately and I take prenatal multivitamins and wow! God is Good!

That is what I can say because God made this natural lemon water remedy because He Cares also for expectant mothers :) Hope this helps someone else.

Lemon water and getting pregnant
by: Anonymous

Can my drinking a glass of lemon water every morning stop me from getting pregnant?


I am not aware of any reason why drinking a low dilution of lemon in water would prevent any woman from conceiving, unless she had a citrus allergy.

Also, the amount of lemon juice in water is a factor. As I mention throughout these pages, a high dilution of lemon juice in water will often increase the detoxifying effect in one's body, which is not advisable for anyone who is pregnant or who could possibly be pregnant.

In addition, every person's metabolism is different. Pay attention to how you feel and rely on your intuition.

And if you have any doubts or concerns about lemon water affecting your ability to conceive, don't drink it.

I cannot stress enough how important is the fact that our thought and beliefs do affect our biology. This is not theory; it is a scientific fact.

You can read more here on this topic if interested: Thoughts Affect Health - Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Biology

- Nancy Hearn

Lemon water helps with morning sickness
by: Anonymous

I drink aloe vera in the morning...amazing. Now I'm pregnant I have switched to lemon water as it has helped the morning sickness for me. Thanks to Forever Living and the supplements I was able to fall pregnant after two ectopics. I'm a distributor so if any of you are interested let me know.

Best wishes

Lemon drink helps stomach problems
by: Anonymous

Hi there, everyone . . . . I'm reaching almost 40 and have been experiencing many stomach problems for the past few years. And now I've been taking lemon drink in the morning for the past 3 months . . . and I tell u, it is amazing.

So, all those out there who have any problems like indigestion, stomach bloat, please do try!

Lemon water is amazing
by: Anonymous

I am currently in my first trimester, and I have severe morning sickness. Since I've started drinking lemon water I feel much better throughout the day! Great idea for any mom to be experiencing similar problems.

Lemon in hot or cold water?
by: Uduak

Which is better: drinking lemon in hot water or drinking lemon in cold water?

Is it okay to drink this throughout pregnancy?


We have answered your question about the temperature of lemon water on this page: Drinking Lemon in Water - How Much, How Often, Hot or Cold?

Drinking one glass of lemon water a day throughout pregnancy should be beneficial for most women. However, you have to listen to your own body and decide for yourself.

Lemon water helps varicose veins
by: shaheen ashraf

Drinking lemon water can also solve problem of varicose veins and pain in legs because lemon water helps thin blood and promote good circulation.

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