Lemon water benefits with flu infections

by Asif Nasim
(Multan Pakistan)

COMMENT: I began to drink lemon water since March 2004 and since then I never use any type of antibiotics.

Prior to 2004, I often caught Flu type infections and then my family doctor used to advise me a course of antibiotics and even 3rd generation antibiotics.

My doctor asked me to have a balanced diet with regular exercise for a strong immune system, which was already part of my daily life. However, after using lemon, I felt that antibiotics were no more required.

For excellent health, I suggest that one teaspoon of turmeric powder and a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder should be taken daily for good health. No doubt health is a great gift of Almighty God.

I am a 57 year old male adult from Pakistan.

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Lemon water to prevent herpes outbreaks

by Raymond

COMMENT: I have just read in one website that eating food with loads of alkaline is good to prevent herpes outbreaks, and so far it does. I take lemon juice every day.

I squeeze one medium-sized lemon and mix it with water, then drink it. And after a few minutes, it is just so easy to defecate and it works like it is automatic.

Now I have stopped taking synthetic vitamin C capsules since I have read that their effects may deal with kidneys and liver. So I decided to go back to the natural ways.

I am positive with HSV2 herpes virus and so far drinking lemon water works well for me. Try it, since it is an all-natural cure.

God has given us the healing wonders of nature and we just have to learn how to trust his unparalleled genius mind that no doctor or expert would be able to measure.

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