Lemon water and under-eye bags

by Ceta
(San diego)

Get rid of under-eye bags by drinking lemon water and getting enough sleep

Get rid of under-eye bags by drinking lemon water and getting enough sleep

I have terrible bags and fat deposits under eyes.


I don't know if drinking lemon water would help or not. But I think it is worth a try since lemon water has so many other health benefits and is relatively inexpensive.

Naturally, there are many potential causes of bags and fat deposits under the eyes. Two of the most obvious (and inexpensive) ones to consider are chronic dehydration and a lack of sleep.

Check out these 12 Symptoms of Chronic Dehydration.

If you are experiencing 3 or more of these symptoms on a regular basis, chances are pretty good that a concerted effort to re-hydrate your body with the right amount of the right type of water would be very beneficial.

People tell me all the time that they drink "a lot of water" but when they actually measure it, it is not as much as they thought.

Thus, you can check out this page to see if you are drinking enough water daily to stay hydrated.

If not, figure out how much water you need to drink based on your weight and activity levels, then use quart or liter containers (both are about 32 oz.) to measure how much water you are actually consuming each day. I encourage everyone to measure water intake for at least a week or two--or until the desired amount becomes habitual.

This is not a quick fix, so be patient because it can take a few weeks to several months to notice a difference.

The adult body is designed to be about 70 percent water. A certain amount of that water MUST be replaced every day because our bodies have no storage system.

Thus, hydration is the foundation of good health. If you try other things to get rid of the bags (surgery, medications, even natural supplements) it is like beating around the bush of the problem.

As for the lemon water, drinking 1 or 2 glasses a day may also help to alkalize your body and take some of the stress off the kidneys.

With better hydration, hormones may start to balance out a bit, which may also improve sleep quality.

Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. This means keeping a regular wake-sleep schedule, sleeping in a pitch-black room (no night lights, etc.), don't eat or drink anything at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime, and stay off the computer at night.

You might want to check out these 10 tips to get rid of under-eye bags naturally.

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"Lemon water is one drink both my wife and I can't drink. It upsets our stomachs. We are in our sixties and in very good healthwell, better health now that we drink about 2 liters plus of water each day. It has made so much difference to our digestive systems and recovery every day. Thank you for your website and effort." - Rod