Lemon water and diabetes

by Anonymous

QUESTION: Is lemon water good for a diabetic?

ANSWER: In general, since fresh-squeezed lemon in water helps to alkalize and cleanse the body of impurities, improve digestion and elimination, strengthen the liver, and improve the circulatory system, it only makes sense to me that it would be beneficial for anyone with diabetes, or any other degenerative disease for that matter.

I cannot think of any reason why anyone with diabetes would not want to drink lemon water.

It would be wise to start slowly and squeeze one-fourth lemon in 8 to 12 ounces of filtered drinking water to start. Then slowly build up to drinking one-half to one full lemon in water throughout the day.

I would not recommend starting with more than one-fourth lemon in water because higher concentrations of lemon water could cause detoxification symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, or bowel changes.

In addition, I would not recommend adding any type of sweeteners to the lemon water especially for diabetics. Most people are used to adding sweeteners to lemonade.

Note: There may be certain situations or health conditions in which drinking lemon water would not be advisable. As always, consult first with your health practitioner if in doubt.

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