Lemon Juice Helps With Gastritis

by Richard
(new jersey)

I have gastritis and drinking a half a glass of lukewarm water with one tablespoon of lemon juice every morning takes care or the bloating in the stomach and also some of the gas.

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Move pH
by: Petr

Lemon juice is the minimum you could do to improve your digestion. Lemon juice has an alkalizing effect.

We all have to deal every day with too much acid waste. I know, many people would argue how it could be alkalizing if it taste acidic.

Is has to do with how the food is decomposed. A lemon has a weak acid (citric) that decomposes to water and co2 and leaves beneficial minerals behind that raising the pH unlike proteins that create strong acids in your system.

If the pH in your gut is lower than 6.8 - 7, the microflora there will have a wrong percentage of good bacterias and decomposition of food would go the wrong way.

A lot of fermentation results in a gas production. There are no bacteria to break down hydrogen sulfide or ammonia. A smelly stool is another indication that the ratio of bad a good bacteria is not in a good balance (85% good and 15% bad is the right ratio).

Good probiotics could certainly help to repopulate the right microbes there. To reduce the consumption of proteins (meat) and increase the amount of vegetable and fruit would help greatly as well.

Remember that our digestion system is one giant factory that needs to be maintained in a good order. Eating a diet rich in vegetable and fruit (80%), protein (20%) and drinking daily adequate amount of good water, preferably free of contaminants, also alkaline with negative oxidation reduction potential is a way to go and your factory would work perfectly for years to come! Good luck!

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