Lemon juice works for asthma

by George Tutu
(Calgary, Canada)

I have had asthma for the past 20 years. And in 2010 I put myself on lemon juice, as I learned that it was good for people with asthma disease.

I have drunk it every day, starting in the morning. And now my asthma is gone.

I am no longer using my asthma medication. Lemon juice is truly powerful.

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Lemon water is good for asthma

I drank lemon water to see if it helps asthma and it did.

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Visitor Comments

"This was the best and most straight forward info on the net yet. I asked a question and got an answer that made sense. Thank you so much!" - Linderlinder

FINALLY!!! I have been wondering about this for years with no 'solid' answer. This is exactly what I've been wanting to know! Thank you for this share..." by Andy

"Thank you for the information, Nancy. I appreciate it. Your article and findings are very helpful,  referring to dehydration." -  Carolyn

"Lemon water is one drink both my wife and I can't drink. It upsets our stomachs. We are in our sixties and in very good healthwell, better health now that we drink about 2 liters plus of water each day. It has made so much difference to our digestive systems and recovery every day. Thank you for your website and effort." - Rod