Is there any other method to remove ecoli problem?

by raghu kumar

Yes. I used to take ginger, lemon water mixing with some honey so that it help me a lot. This is a good tonic to keep good health.

Method to prepare the tonic:

I will first take some water and boil it. Then I crush the ginger and put the crushed ginger in the boiling water. After five minutes, I will take a fresh lemon fruit, cut it into two halves and take lemon juice.

I pour the juice into the boiling water. After boiling the mixed water for more five minutes, I will take hone in a separate glass and pour the boiled mixed water of ginger and lemon while it is hot. Make it cool then and drink it.

This helps me to get relief if any symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting. This also helps me to feel free and the digestion becomes easy.

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