Intestinal issues with lemon water.

by Suzanne R.
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Several months ago I started the warm water and lemon juice (organic fresh squeezed) first thing in the morning.

I have to tell you first that I have, constipation from opiates, hence the reason I started this routine with the warm lemon juice water.

During a two week period, I started having issues with my stomach and intestines. I was experiencing, bloating, churning and gurgling through my stomach and bowels. That was the first week. Into the second week it turned into bloating, churning, gurgling, extreme cramping and explosive diarrhea. Needless to say, I quit doing the warm lemon juice water.

So, my reason for writing is, it is over 2 month's later and my condition has not stopped. I am still having the issues with my system once a week to once every two weeks. I would like to know if this is normal and will this problem come to an end, you know, work it's way out?

Also, would you say I should resume the warm lemon juice water or stay away from it?

I should inform you that I come from a mother with a life long condition of I.B.S., but, myself and 3 sister's have not had a problem with I.B.S. and we, my sister's and I, are over the age of 50 now.

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I also drinked 🍋 water ended up in the hospital.
by: Anonymous

My husband and I started the warm lemon water to watch our weight , It worked but as I was loosing weight after about 6 months of drinking a whole peeled lemon and a 8 oz bottle of room temperature water this was about every other day too.

I started to have really bad pain in my stomach like my stomach was going to explode. So I went to the ER and they admitted me found out I had an inflamed small intestines. They put me on iv fluids and antibiotics for 2 days and a liquid diet which was awful.

Now I'm home still recovering and still sore and taking meds for another week. Now my husband is fine with no affects yet.

So I feel the lemon water is too harsh on our stomachs even though I diluted it. I would not recommend it at all.

Answer to lemon water bloating
by: Olivia

I always drink warm lemon water before breakfast, Wait at least 20-30 minutes before eating.

Should try activated charcoal capsules, it helps remove toxins that cause bloating and stomach discomfort.

Lemon water is cleansing
by: Anonymous

The reason you were experiencing all those abdominal symptoms was because lemons are a detox and lemons scrub your liver and clean your intestines and kidneys, so you were on your way to some awful stools, but that is the cleansing process.

Stomach issues
by: Myron

Factors to consider for your intestinal upset:

1) Do you get enough vegetable fiber? Grain fiber doesn't count and may be counter-productive. Vegetable fiber, even though indigestible for us, is very useful to support our intestinal bacteria or 'biome', which is now known to be incredibly important to total health but especially gut health. Read "Brain Maker" by David Perlmutter, MD

2) Do you get enough water? The right amount is controversial and i don't believe we necessarily need 8 or 10 glasses per day as is often recommended, but certainly enough to avoid thirst. Body mass has to be considered - someone weighing 110 lbs. doesn't need as much water as someone at 210 lbs.

3) Have you tried digestive aids? Over age 50 and our digestive enzymes often need supplementing. Personally I like GB3 from Endo-Met laboratories in Phoenix.

4) How much sugar, gluten and starches are you eating? These common 'foods' are devastating to gut health, brain health and health in general. Strongly suggest reading "Grain Brain" also by Dr. Perlmutter.

5) Are you following the widely promoted low fat/high carb diet? If you are over-weight, this could be a big factor. Excess carbs make us fat; high amounts of good fats help us lose weight.

6) Organic apple cider vinegar does wonders for some folks guts. One or two tsp./day

Hope this helps. Many factors to consider along with ozonated water. M.

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