ibiza, balearic islands

by rocio

I live on Ibiza; there’s no drinkable water here. The local network Aqualia provides chlorine and contaminated water that is not drinkable. So everyone has to buy bottled water, but the island iss becoming plastic free by 2020 and everyone wants to get rid of bottled water.

The filters simple for taps are not enough, I guess, for drinking aqualia local network water. Thus, the only safe system to drink tap water is reverse osmosis with added minerals.

What do you think about ibiza water problem? What’s the solution for here? Thanks and waiting for your response my water guru!


Hi Rocio,

I am sorry for the delayed response. I was super busy and then took a vacation for a week!

To answer your questions, the solution for a home water system depends a lot on cost and what is available to you.

If the island is becoming plastic free by 2020, then I would think the local network would have to find a better solution for providing drinkable water. If the chlorinated water they provide is relative safe to drink, then finding a home water system that filters the chlorine and other contaminants might be the best solution.

I would first try to find out if you can get a copy of an annual water quality report from Aqualia.

Then I would go online and chat with a water filtration company, such as Crystal Quest to find the best solution for you and your home situation.

Crystal Quest can customize water filtration systems to remove just about any known contaminant.

The other option I could recommend are the Berkey filters if you don’t mind a portable water system that sits on the counter. The great thing about the Berkey water filters is that they can also be used for emergency situations because these systems will both purify and filter the water of numerous contaminants.

Anyway, I hope this helps a little . . .


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