I drink ozonated water to combat cancer

by Lynne Nesbit
(London, United Kingdom)

For the past six years I have been ozonating my filtered water (now also distilled) to combat the presence of multiple myeloma.

It was recommended to me by the first alternative practitioner I signed up to. He had been using the method for many years. He told me I needed to oxygenate my body since cancer cannot thrive in an aerobic environment.

This sounded like common sense to a new cancer student, and also where the cancer was throughout the bone marrow and lymphatic system. I also steep my fresh food in it for 15 minutes and it seems to stay fresh much longer, as do my cut flowers and my plants, which are outgrowing my flat.

I thought that if they are thriving like that, why not me?!

Having now read further information about water, I am not so sure that my regime is as good as I thought, particularly regarding distillation.

However, my experience so far is that the condition has remained stable for the past six years, to the astonishment of my consultant, and I feel better now than I can remember.

I am also supplementing and engaging in all sorts of other therapies, but ozonated water has been constant throughout and I intend to continue because of the presence of cancer.

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