I Dislike Lemons

I am trying to get healthier and I was advised to include lemon water into my diet, but the taste makes me gag. Is there anything else that I can take to substitute for the lemon and still get the health benefits?

WBH response: Have you tried lime water? That would be the next best thing. I would start with squeezing just a teaspoon of fresh-squeezed lime juice in a full quart of clean, filtered water.

If you still gag at the taste, then it is probably not worth taking. If you can tolerate the taste, then gradually work up to one-half lemon per 16 oz. glass of water.

If you can learn to tolerate, even like, lime juice, then you might want to try the same thing with lemon water.

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Jan 07, 2017
I hate lemon too but it really makes me feel better
by: Anonymous

I am having the same issue, but it's improving. Here are some ways i am winning the battle and gradually increasing my intake.

1. Start small. Very small and add more. It may take weeks....

2. Try herbal tea with a little raw honey and small amount of lemon. Hot or cold.

3. Try seltzer water with a little lemon or lime. Natural delicate brands work best for me, but I have thrown in a few with my vodka sodas too or try apple cider vinegar. Almost the same effects.

4. I reuse the same lemons and refill water or a little more so its not as beneficial.

5. Add other fruits, try different teas, mix and match. If its too lemon/lime, dilute it.

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