I am new to ozonated water, but have an idea

by Patricia
(Newburgh, NY)

I am an electrolyzed water drinker, and have received benefits from this, for example, eradicating a condition I had of fibrous breast disease.

I have since been introduced to ozonated water, and would like to know if it is possible to combine the two.

Perhaps drinking oxidated ozone with antioxidant alkaline water could complement one another. I would like to know if there is verifiable evidence if this is a good idea, or not.


I am not aware of any verifiable evidence of taking both ozone water and electrolyzed (or ionized) alkaline water.

Obviously, you would not want to take both at or near the same time because each would counteract the other. Ozone is oxidizing and electrolyzed water is anti-oxidizing.

I still think that ozone water is good for killing bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other foreign protein in the body. Thus, I don't see the benefit of taking it all the time.

On the other hand, electrolyzed water helps to maintain a healthy pH in the body, which is slightly alkaline. And thus it is a better choice for daily use.

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