How to recover from drinking distilled water?

by Mario


Hi, I've been drinking distilled water for more than a year, and now I'm feeling pretty sick.

Could you please tell me ways to recover health, if it´s possible? Thanks a lot.


Hi Mario, it is definitely possible to restore mineral balance and overall health if you have been drinking distilled water for a year or more.

First Option Is to Drink Ionized Water

The quickest way to restore health is to start drinking alkaline, ionized water. This type of water has 3 healing properties:

(1) alkaline pH (ranging from 8.5 pH to 9.5 pH), which means it is rich in alkaline minerals and will restore the minerals lost while drinking distilled water

(2) micro-clustered water molecules, which means it is up to 6 times more hydrating than regular water, and

(3) high antioxidant potency, from the ionized water molecules.

The only downside of drinking alkaline, ionized water is that it must be produced fresh from a home water system, and the systems range in price from $1,000 and up.

You cannot buy bottled alkaline water and expect to get the same results as from a home water ionizer system. The antioxidant properties of ionization only last a few days.

Second Option Is Filtered Drinking Water

If the alkaline water ionizer is not within your budget at this time, the next best thing is to drink half your body weight in ounces of clean, filtered water or mineral-rich bottled water.

If you choose bottled water, you really have to do some research to find out where the company gets their water. Up to 40 percent of bottled water is just re-processed tap water, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

For this reason, I normally don’t recommend bottled water at all. Other reasons for not recommending bottled water is because of its high cost and environmental impact of the plastic bottles in our landfills.

You will get better drinking water and save money by investing in some type of drinking water filter.

The prices for a good water filter pitcher start at about $30 and higher quality drinking water filters, such as the countertop or under sink systems, range in price from about $100 and up. You can see my reviews for all the different types of drinking water filters here.

Eat Real Food

Secondly, you will want to eat real food (preferably organic when possible), avoiding processed food, fried food, and fast food as much as possible.

On a daily basis, you want to eat 3 to 4 servings of fresh vegetables and also 2 to 3 servings of fruits (especially berries and bananas), moderate amounts of lean protein and healthy fats (such as avocadoes, olives, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and nut butters, and fatty fish such as salmon and halibut).

Juice Fruits and Vegetables

If you have a juicer, now would be a good time to put it to use, juicing fresh fruits and vegetables every day to get an abundance of nutrients and the all-important food enzymes, in dosages that you could not possibly get from eating food.

If you do not have a juicer, I highly recommend the Nutri Bullet – if you are interested in purchasing one at any point. It is very convenient, reasonably priced (about $100) and effective because it pulverizes the entire plant, including seeds and pulp which contain many nutrients.

Take Natural Salt

Also avoid all processed salt but do get some natural salt – either Celtic sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt, both of which are high in trace minerals. Add a small amount to your food or water each day.

Take Natural Supplements to Assist Healing

I would also consider purchasing a liquid ionic mineral supplement, such as Trace Minerals Ionic Tonic at, and take that supplement until you start to feel better.

Another supplement that would help restore balance and boost energy and immunity is a super green nutritional product that you can just add to water or juice, such as the E3Live products or the Amazing Grass superfood at

I hope these ideas will be helpful. If we get the toxins out of our bodies (by drinking clean water and exercising), and put the good stuff in (nutrient-dense foods and beverages), our bodies will do what they do best – thrive!

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